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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ro Teimumu spends night in military cell

The Marama Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa spent last night locked up in a military cell with her own personal blanket to brave the chill.

Ro Teimumu, arrested from Lomanikoro village in Rewa around 12am on Wednesday morning, spent close to 10 hours in a police cell at Central Police Station in Suva until she was taken to the CID headquarters in Toorak for interrogation.

Ro Teimumu was given temporary reprieve when she was released from police custody to rest at a home in Suva but was told to return last night for further questioning.

Sources have confirmed she went to the Central Police Station and after police completed their interview to try and establish whether she was inciting people, the high chief was told she was free and being formally released.

But at the same time Ro Teimumu was told by police that military officers wanted to question her as well.

We can confirm that while a few of her people from Rewa were waiting at the front entrance of CPS to take her home, soldiers arrived through the back gate of the police station located opposite the Reserve Bank of Fiji building.

The soldiers whisked Ro Teimumu away through the back gate in a military vehicle, unknown to the few people of Rewa who were waiting in front of the station.

We have confirmation that she was locked up in a military cell at Queen Elizabeth Barracks.

We can also confirm from sources close to the military that Frank Bainimarama's trusted ally Sitiveni Qiliho was seen repeatedly walking outside the cell in what sources say was an attempt to intimidate Ro Teimumu.

Qiliho was in full military uniform and armed with a pistol in a holster that he normally wears aroynd the knee. He is the operations chief of Third Infantry Regiment led by Ro Teimumu's nephew Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara.

Coupfourpointfive can also confirm that the general secretary of Methodist Church Reverend Tuikilakila aqairatu, Reverend Manasa Lasaro and Reverend Tomasi Kanailagi were taken by soldiers to their respective homes last night to shower and change their clothes before being returned to QEB where they are also detained.

Meanwhile sources have told us that some people from Rewa province staying and working in Suva tried to pay a visit to Ro Teimumu last night but were stopped at the QEB main entrance and told to go away.


Anonymous said...

Qiliho - Kaisi, Bokola, Boci - You will also be destroyed by the power of god.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blogger Administrator!
I am sure you will not post my comments but i wanted to share this much with you. Its so strange how Temumu Kepa all of a sudden is seen as a fighter for democracy. This is the same lady who was very instrumental in pushing for an indeginous agenda under the SDL government. This was very racist in nature.
I am not laughing at her detainment and infact i grieve each and everyday that our nation is under a dictatorship.
All i am saying is this, that i hope and pray that when all this farce is over...the next bunch of politicians are honest,upright citizens with intergrity and who will work towards a one fiji and none of this indigenous righs crap. Look where we are today...SDL could have gone on to become the best government in Fiji's history but they went down thanks to all thier corruption and racist policies!

Anonymous said...

YES - SDL was there to protect the indegenous Fijians their land, resources and their mana from the Almighty God.

Why should foreigners like Indians and Chinese be allowed to exploit our resources through the policies of a crook like Voreqe.

This is the time to maker our stand or will end up like the Maoris and Aboriginies with nothing.

Voreqe must be destroyed with all his supporters through the power of God and our prayers will be answered.