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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ro Teimumu's letter to congregation

It was the insistence of Marama Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa that the Methodist Church annual conference must be held that led to her arrest and detention by the Esala Teleni led Fiji Police Force.

The chiefly village of Lomanikoro and the province of Rewa fall under the Burebasaga confedracy, which Ro Teimumu heads, and was selected as hosts for the annual conference scheduled for next month.

Last Friday, despite dictatorship regime's interim prime minister and army commander Frank Baimnimarama's final decision that there would be no conference because the Chuch was politicised by former leaders, like Reverends Manasa Lasaro and Tomasi Kanailagi, the Standing Committee met and confirmed the conference would go ahead, with or without the permission of the regime.

Two weeks ago, Ro Teimimu and a high profile delegation of Rewa, met at the Centenary Church and decided the conference would proced. This was relayed to the Church leadership.

A United States based Fijian social networking site, Matavuvale.com, has published contents of the letter written by Ro Teimumu on official letterhead of the Methodist Church.

The letter appears to have been written in the last two days because it refers to a visit paid to her by the Church on the afternoon of Sunday the 19th of July, following which she says the province will host the conference (Bose Ko Viti) from Sunday 30th of August to Friday 4th September.

The letter was signed by Ro Teimumu and speaks of how Fijians converted from Heathenism to Christianity following the visit by Reverend William Cross to Roko Tui Dreketi in 1838.

Ro Teimumu writes that it is the God's plan for the Bose Ko Viti to be hosted by Lomanikoro. She asks her people to use whatever meagre resources they have to ensure the conference is a success and pleads with them to be law abiding and peaceful saying the special circumstances "we face will severely test our commitment to our undertaking and faith to God".