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Monday, July 13, 2009

Rumours of military unrest rife

The rumour mills in Fiji have been busy with theories of unrest within the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

One blogsite even reported today that army commander Frank Bainimarama had been arrested.

We can tonight establish the following to be as near factual as they can be:

1. There has been no military coup against Frank Bainimarama. Nor has he been ousted from power.

2. RFMF's Land Force Commander Pita Driti and Commander of 3rd Infantry Regiment (3FIR), Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, also known as Roko Lui, are basically playing mind games with both Bainimarama and the people of Fiji.

3. The military council, comprising of the top brass of the army and those who have the ability to influence the regime, met on Saturday. The meeting was a regular Saturday meeting. It has emerged that Driti and Roko Lui want to put certain demands to Bainimarama. It is not clear whether those demands relate to the cancellation of the Methodist Church annual conference or the general elections as stated in the Fiji Court of Appeal ruling of April the 9th, that was thrown out by the regime along with the 1997 Constitution.

4. There is some credibility to rumours that both Driti and Roko Lui were - and are possibly behaving like joint commanders of RFMF - when Bainimarama was in Vanuatu for MSG meeting.

5. The top brass of the army had morning tea at the Officers' Mess at Queen Eliazabeth Barracks. Bainimarama was not present; according to Neumi Leweni, he was resting.

6. We have been informed that this evening, military and possibly police were gearing up to round up people they susoect have been blogging about military unrest.


SEMI MEO said...

As if the hyped tension and spirit of uncertainty are not enough to clog our vision for an equitable, civilised and indiscriminate resolve to this entire predicament, and up rises these thugs, whose only motive are to further slur our human efforts to dialogue our way to sanity.

Let’s be very careful and be ardently alert to stop foreign philosophical invaders lurking to throw spanners into the building blocks we’re identified as pertinent for rebuilding our shattered nation. Sadly, these damaging spanners may have already be in the hands of some of our own people to re-create chaos and air of emergency to keep us far away form settlement, and warrant their divide and rule ploys.

In amongst our shouting, blogging, marches, partitions of our varied opinions we are slowly shredding our guarded differences and working together towards a common ground, a plateau of hope, not of pandemic compromise, but of moral and democratic governance that suits us.

Still, we do not believe these two honorable man would cooked up another Coup..we are tired of blooming Coups..goodness!!

Let’s not play God, please..!!..

SEMI MEO said...

eh.."thugs" are.."people they suspect have been blogging about military unrest".NOT the two gentelmen Army officers mentioned in the article..previous post a bit ambiguous on the "thug" bit

Anonymous said...

Regime about 2 learn a lesson - you can't silence the Internet - welcome to the cyber wars.

Anonymous said...

Don't be discouraged by unfolding events - first time I recall seeing open disention within their ranks - from what I can gather those seeking position were worst than incumbent - this is far from finished.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Semi for your clarification - I was wondering!
I do really enjoy your literate comments - but do please take the time out to proof-read in Preview first. Sometimes the typos make it a bit difficult to follow the flow.

Anonymous said...

Enough of the lies please. We are tired of you guys lying about a split in camp. There isn't one.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Anonymous # 3, vinaka saka vakalevu, I shall endeavour to "Preview first" and straighten me old fingers before rushing off....my bad, bad, bad!! I owe you a cuppa. Cheers mate!