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Friday, July 31, 2009

Sources: Aziz out of Fijian Holdings Ltd

The deputy commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces is reportedly no longer a director and the deputy chhairman of Fijian Holdings Limited.

Sources close to the military have told us that Colonel Mohammed Aziz is reported to have resigned yesterday.

While neither the interim regime, nor FHL or South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE) have made a public announcement, our sources have confirmed that Aziz, who was also odered to go on leave with FHL Chairman, Isoa Kaloumaira, and Managing Director Sereana Qoro to make way for a corporate governance audit (both were re-instated after three days), was implicated in the investigation report compiled by the regime.

Sources say Aziz, who spearheaded a boardroom coup constituting a hostile takeover of FHL Board more than a year ago, was implicated in financial abuse. It's believed the regime ordered the media not to reveal Aziz was also ordered to take leave.

Sources say Aziz's exit from FHL is linked to the growing tension within the Military Council and senior army officers who are now demanding their Commander and the interim Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, remove those who are guilty of financial abuse - the main reason cited by Bainimarama for removing Laisenia Qarase's government in December 2006 in the fourth military coup.

Bainimarama justified the coup descriving it as a clean-up campaign.

According to our sources the departure of Aziz confirms divison in the military - especially among the middle ranks and top brass who don't agree with the way Bainimarama is running his regime.


mark manning said...

I'm sending Frank a container load to start the clean up in earnest ;-
By the way, how long will it take and what else has to happen before Frank's supporters realise that he is flushing Fiji down the toilet ?
Maybe it will take the sale of a few islands to China or Russia !

Anonymous said...

Investigate Aziz. He's behind all the corporate governance failures at FHL.