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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Telecom forges ahead with redundancies

Telecom Fiji Limited issued redundancy notices to 177 employees today.

It's believed most of the workers affected are in the Western Division.

TFL is going ahead with redundancy despite the Fiji Posts & Telecommunication Employees Association taking the matter to the Employment Tribunal about two weeks ago.

The company claimed it was cutting costs and was making workers redundant based on performance despite employment laws disallowing such a move.

Sources say TFL was today offering packages of three months pay upfront, plus two weeks pay for each year of service. This is up from its initial offer of two months upfront plus one week for each year of service. Under the latest package, an employee who has worked for 20 years will receive a year’s pay.

According to sources, the Union was not consulted by TFL before it contravened its assurance to the Tribunal it wouldn't enforce redundancy until the Tribunal ruled.

According to sources the Union was also not consulted on the redundancy package or the number of employees to be dismissed.

The workers who've been made redundant have been told not to report to work from tomorrow.

The union is understood to be exploring what course of action it can take.

Just Wednesday, the interim Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, in his national address - supposedly outlining a strategic framework for change - stated a new focus would be building sound relations with workers and trade unions.


Anonymous said...

The move by Telecom shows that they have adopted the arrogant attitude of Frank Bainimarama. They are not worried whether they flout the law or not-it is treachery, arrogance and evil all rolled into one!

...and the workers continue to suffer in silence?????

SEMI MEO said...

What "employment laws"..very sad indeed! as we speak Migration consultants/employment agencies from Aust, NZ,UK and, of all places PNG, are scouting for marketable skills with our redundant lot of all industries.

We only hope these brains and skills drain be temporary measure to await return home to rebuild once this circus closes.

The best Fiji's present Government could help is make sure non of our people are conned by some unregistered and unscrupulous overseas visa/employment agents.

Anonymous said...

@ Semi.
Don't hold your breath on that last one.
Reckon Viti holds the world record on
Passports Lost.

Anonymous said...

This latest move (redundancies)pretty well sums up how far out of touch this regime really is. While other goverments are making employment their no 1 priority - the regime follows a different path. They are making it apparent that unless your a member of a military or para military organisation - your options are limited. The irony is the security they are current offering is only temporary? They have strange knack of cocking up everything they touch - both sad & avoidable.