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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tension within the army

Sources from within the Queen Elizabeth Barracks have expressed fear that the controversy surrounding the cancellation of the Methodist Church conference is inevitably leading to tension within the rank of the army as a majority of the soldiers are Methodists.

According to sources the military intelligence is aware that the conference is likely to go ahead despite interim prime minister's verbal orders that it is cancelled.

The sources say soldiers do not want to be pitted against Church members to stop the conference if it proceeds because it could lead to confrontation, violence and bloodshed. The say the soldiers are fully aware of the gravity of the situation.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that soldiers and officers cannot understand Bainimarama's rationale to cancel the Methodist conference when the radical New Methodist Church is allowed absolute freedom to carry out public crusades.


SEMI MEO said...

Seems, many of our villagers are “converting” in droves to the New Methodist. Obviously, many things “New” attract our common folks; like moths to light!
Same old days all over again!! Then Alliance Party campaigners alleged to use Methodists pulpits to the detriment of us then Methodist other party members. Now, the new charismatic New Methodists is literally taking the villages, squatters and suburbs by storm. Well positioned booming speakers propagating the New Methodist brand of gospel far and wide.
Slowly, many have been won over to this New Methodist. To the common folk..eh..it is still Methodist….so I may not be deserting my “forefathers” lotu! Normally,a point of village contention when some join other denominations.
In fact, that is exactly how it is put to the common folks. “Qo e lotu Wesele vata ga, ia, sa Ka Vou, ni sa vou na ka kecega” Hook, line and sinker swallowed in one emotional altar call. My information are first hand from sources in the villages, etc. This is my name and e-mail: semimeo@gmail.com.

But, wait, where are the Real Methodists, traditional custodians of the Fiji “Lotu”. Oh, busy and totally focussing all her energy, fast and prayer on having a festival conference with soli, while ordinary members are jumping ship.

Also,in the last week, I’ve received THREE emails testifying of Traditional Methodists getting born again to yet other denominations…naw….we do not worry, we still have 199,999 to worry about…really??....check your numbers this Sunday.
Boy, have we been distracted from our prime calling, and in Rev Tugaue and Rev.Tuikilakila’s watch!! Is history repeating it self,again?

Anonymous said...

The Military should lock Bainimarama, the President, VP, Cabinet and all his supporters at Naboro.

This also includes all those people who have got their jobs because of the coup - Sada Reddy, Leweni, Teleni, Naivalurua, Aisake Taito. Peter Wise, John Prasad etc.

It is hearting to see that Military has finally woken up to the fact that Bainimarama is destroying the fijian race.

Anonymous said...


you should realise by now that the methodists (the old ones LOL), in the best traditions of the Christian faith, do not sing their own praises. I'd take those emails with a grain of salt...after all, it's the friuts, not the news that prove the tree.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Anonymous #2, spot on there, mate!! fruits, fruits and fruits that remains, will tell!!

Let the world see the fruit, and God be the judge!!

But our barometer have methodist numbers speeding south.

Let's tend and feed the sheep to remain, shall we?..or are there other pressing businesses? God help us!!