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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bainimarama invites Commonwealth

Fiji's Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum says interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama is sending out an invitation to the Commonwealth Secretary General to send a delegation to talk to him and his interim regime to find a better way forward.

He told Radio Australia that Frank Bainimarama has spoken with Commonwealth representatives and is hoping that a meeting with them will avoid a suspension threat.

The Commonwealth has given Fiji until September to come up with an election date to be held next year.


Anonymous said...

This guy Frank doesn't get it! The Commonwealth has given him an ultimatum to announce by 1 Sept about the 2010 Elections. The Commonwealth cannot change its ultimatum just by Frank giving them one of his lectures on the pathway to a better Fiji that he has pulled from the air.

Get it through your thick head! The whole world wants Fiji to return to democratic rule as soon as possible-not in 2014. Period.

You can explain to the wind until the cows come home but nobody will listen other than the puppets that roam the Government corridors!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1, I fully agre with what you say. Even the puppets in the Government corridors seem to be suffering from Vore's thickness in the head. They just cannot understand plain English. Perhaps we should ask the Commonwealth to write everything in Hindi, muslim and algaeda language from now on.

Anonymous said...

I like how Kamlesh Sharma (CW Sec-Gen) has now responded to Aiyaz's "dialogue offensive".

He said that he was happy the Fiji Regime still appeared interested in dialogue, and used the opportunity to call for the reconvening of initiatives like the President's Dialogue Forum, so that genuine, inclusive dialogue could take place between all concerned parties in Fiji, without pre-conditions, or pre-determined outcomes!


I think that's probably the last we'll now hear about any purported "willingness to dialogue" with the Commonwealth.