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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Challenge of sorts amidst rantings over stars and coconut trees

The dictatorship regime's interim prime minister and army commander has challenged Niue's premier and outgoing chairman of the Pacific Leaders Forum, Toke Talagi, to come and march in Fiji in protest against the regime.

In an interview aired on Radio Legend FM news, Frank Bainimarama's challenges sounded like the rantings of a power hungry dictator.

Talagi told the opening of the 40th Forum Leaders Conference in Cairns, on Wednesday that the people of Fiji must rise and protest against the regime.

Reacting to Talagi, the regime's dictator challenged the Niue leader to come and march in Fiji, claiming he would find himself a lone protestor.

Bainimarama went on to attack Talagi for not coming to Fiji, resorting to saying things like he had no idea how many stars or even coconut trees the country had.

In a clear message to indigenous Fijians, Bainimaram boasted that there were no protests when the Great Council of Chiefs was suspended by him more than two years ago - or when the Methodist Church leaders were arrested recently.

The arrogance of Bainimarama clearly signals that he expects the populace of Fiji to continue condoning and obeying his regime's regressive and autocratic decisions and directives.


Anonymous said...

Voreqe - You only talk because of your guns without then you are nothing.
Be a man put your guns down and come with your military and all your supporters and we will see what a BOCI you are like your so called Military and Police.

Dickhead - People canot protest because of your PER so shut up. Let us mach tomorrow and we will show you that the majority of people want you out.

mark manning said...

The future of all Fijians, including their Children and their Children's Children, is now in the hands of the youth of Fiji.
This generation, which grew up in the shadow of the 1st. coup d'tate by the treasonous act of Rabuka, by it's " INACTION " has " LOST IT"S RIGHT " to steer the country back to Democracy and prosperity.
It is time for the youth of Fiji to stand up for their " FREEDOM ", which remains a " GOD GIVEN RIGHT " !

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anon, 7 Aug, 2.10am. Just let Voreqe give us a permit to march for once and then he'll see that the majority of people in Fiji who are all suffering from his stupid running of Government over the last 2 and a half years (regardless of race, creed, age, sex, etc), want him OUT!

Anonymous said...

Voreqe your ranting does not wipe away your cowardice under gun fire when the CRW were shooting in the air and you broke the 100meters record through the gully near the army camp and taking refuge at a Namadi Heights home where you were shaking and shivering like a chicken with a broken neck. If you are so brave, take away the guns and face the people on the street or go and tell your story in Niue without your guns and body guard.

Anonymous said...

Frank is saying that the people of Fiji agree with what he is doing! Utter rubbish!

There is nothing to stop Frank from gauging his support by allowing a referendum for people to show whether they support him or reject him.

He will get the biggest surprise of his life. Frank be a man and allow a referendum or at least a march for people who do not support him! Then you will see you blind idiot!

Anonymous said...

Such aburdities at its highest. Frank Bainimarama continues to make a fool of himself each he opens his mouth to spout off 'utter nonsense'.

What an idiot. Take off your stupid looking uniform & talk to the people like a real politician if you so wish to run the affairs for Fiji or go back to the navy ship and feed the 'qitawa(s)' with your crap, silly monkey.

Whats wrong with all those poofy army people that are parading around with guns and unifrom as if theres a big civil war in Fiji.

Levu ga na va 'fancy' ni yavu ulukau taucoko na muri Bhaini-ramram-gheta ram!!

Anonymous said...

What a joke. If Cassava Frank is so confident that the people in Fiji support him, why not call an election and stand in it? No, that would be too risky for this cranck who hide behind PER and guns giving a shit about us.