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Monday, August 3, 2009

Church blackmailed into cancelling conference

Coupfourpointfive has been told the Methodist Church succumbed to emotional blackmail and traded off the annual conference for the relaxation of bail conditions for the former church leaders and executives facing charges of contravening the emergency regulations.

Former leaders Reverends Tomasi Kanailagi and Manasa Lasaro, current President Reverend Ame Tugaue and four others appeared in the Suva magistrates court and were not only granted bail but also allowed to hold meetings relating to the conference as long as they were not political.

Previously the military regime did not allow any meetings of the church.

During their court appearance an application for bail by lawyer Aseri Vakaloloma was not objected to by Director of Public Prosecutons John Rabuku.

Instead Rabuku told the court the fact the ministers agreed to abide by the strict bail conditions indicated the church acknowledged the interim regime.

On Friday afternoon when the Assistant Secretary of the Church Tevita Nawadra announced the cancellation of the conference in Rewa, he said they had met interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama.

Sources have told us that members of the Standing Committee met with Bainimarama and the Military Council early last week.

The regime and the military told the church executives they would be responsible for bloodshed if the conference went ahead.

Sources say instead of the executives questioning Bainimarama, they gave in to the blackmail.

In return, the regime agreed the judiciary would be told to relax the bail conditions of the church executives facing charges.

Sources say it confirms the long held view the regime has direct influence on the judiciary.


Anonymous said...

Only time will tell of the merit or demerit of the MC's decision. Yes, we can call them cowards and all sorts of names and blame their comfortable life style, either way, the MCs are doomed by their decision. The future is bleak for everyone and when the people have no money to give to the church, even the luxury life they have will grind to a halt. We hope then that the ministers and their people will earnestly turn to God for his intervention. Confrontation and bloodshed would have brought God's intervention more quickly.

SEMI MEO said...

To even suggest that the Methodist Church leaders were allegedly “blackmailed” by the present Government is blatant disrespect and disregard for the days of corporate praying and fasting the Church voluntarily entered into seeking Divine wisdom for an amicable resolve to the “Koniveredi” impasse.

If anything, the Methodist Church has shown yet again, enormous spiritual strength, fortitude and Godly wisdom that only time on our knees in prayer could foster. Thanks to the Church leader for their prayer and subsequent resolve.

The corporate prayer and fasting was indeed powerful. Entering with no premeditated agenda and void of any egocentric philosophy; are exactly what Godly fasts should be!!

The Methodist Church is more than a traditional annual event celebrated in two weeks. The Methodist Church is about Sheppard’s honouring God, feeding, and nurturing the flock as her primary calling.

Today let the world witness with awe that the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma, her Leaders and members has risen above self in humility for the good of all Fiji.

Today, the Church have, yet again proclaim that Fiji is still a “Land of freedom, Hope and Glory to endure what ever befall” us!!

We shall see the Methodist Church growing in strength and continue her priestly and prophetic office to all of us!!

mark manning said...

Dancing with the Devil !

Anonymous said...

"...the judiciary would be told..." and the judiciary was supposed to be independent.

Anonymous said...

The methodist Church and its leaders have no guts like Chaudhary. He was held for 56 days with a gun pointed to his head but never flinched when they wanted him to resign.

All Methodists and indegenous Fijians are bocis and will sell themselves to Frank.

Chaudhary should be the Prime Minister of Fiji as he is a fearless leader not like the bati leka and batibalavu bocis that indegenous Fijians are.


Andrew Thornley said...

The Methodist Church was guided by their two most senior ministers, Rev Dr Sevati Tuwere and Rev Laisiasa Ratabacaca. It was never going to be an easy decision but it was in the end more Christ-like (recall Christ's words: those who live by the sword die by the sword)
What we now need to see in response to the Methodist Church's reconciliatory move is a similar thawing in approach by the Commodore so that at least the Methodist Divisions can all meet in harmony and celebration during August without fear of secular recrimination.