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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Commission endorses regime’s decision

The Commerce Commission of Fiji has endorsed the dictatorship regime’s decision to approve exorbitant increases to electricity bills as requested by the Fiji Electricity Authority.

A fortnight ago the interim Cabinet approved a proposal by FEA to increase power charges by 15% with consumers being burdened with minimum hikes of $9, $12 and $15 to their power bills. This increase was proposed for bills currently between $50 and $100.

Residential customers - especially business houses whose power bill is up to several hundred or a few thousand dollars every month - would pay higher charges, that would naturally be passed onto ordinary people already struggling to cope with rising cost of living and skyrocketing inflation.

At that time Commerce Commission Chairman Dr Mahendra Reddy, formerly a lecturer at University of the South Pacific but currently employed at Fiji Institute of Technology, had stated the final decision on FEA’s proposal rested with the Commission and no one else.

But Reddy has endorsed FEA’s proposal and shown that the Commission has lost its neutrality and impartiality. It has basically become a toothless tiger that will rubber-stamp any decision of the regime, with no regard to the consequences to the ordinary citizens.

Reddy accepted the position of Commission Chairman despite the controversial sacking of his predecessor, Australian citizen, Charles Sweeny, early this year.

Sweeny was sacked as Chairman by he tinterim Attorney-General and the regime’s Public Enterprises Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

The FEA charges come into force from September the first and will remain for the next two years until 31st August 2011.


mark manning said...

Ever so slowly, those who supported Frank, are being strangled by the Regime's inability to deliver services, as the economy continues to go into a nose dive, totally destroying the futures of the the children of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

What did the people of fiji expect - Voreqe speaks everybody bend over to get it deeper.

The people of Fiji are a bunch of cowards and losers and should stop complaining if they cannot stand up and do something about it.


Anonymous said...

Chodory is part of the crook and his commenst are no longer relevant. The juntas know it. Chdod used to have power when other countries such as Australia and NZ unions used to back him up. Now he is just making hollow noises.