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Monday, August 31, 2009

Commonwealth visit to Fiji won't affect suspension

A visit by the Commonwealth's special representative to Fiji won't affect tommorrow’s ultimatum for suspension.

The Commonwealth spokesman Eduardo del Buey says Fiji will be fully suspended from the body if it doesn’t come up with an 2010 date for elections by tomorrow.

Interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama invited the Commonwealth hoping the suspension threat could be held off until he’s met with Sir Paul Reeves.

Sir Paul Reeves is set to arrive in Fiji on September 9th for three days but details of his visit haven’t been finalised yet.


Anonymous said...

Don't ever underestimate Commonwealths understanding & historical experience of despot dictators - & how they are best handled.

mark manning said...

I just don't get it !
If Frank isn't concerned about being suspended from the Commonwealth, why is he trying so hard to arrange a meeting with them ?

Anonymous said...

@ M&M.
Probably because like all dictators he's dead set barking mad - delusional - egotistical - enjoys being center of attraction - seeing his name in print - check if its spelt right...

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