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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Defiance and acts of treason continue

As the 40th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Conference gets underway in Cairns, the interim prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, has today reiterated its decision to defy the Commonwealth Secretariat's resolution for Fiji to hold electons by October next year.

Bainimarama has told Fijilive that elections will be held in 2014 and a new Constitution will be drawn up to address the coup culture. Coupfourpointfive regards Bainimarama's statement as hypocritical, as he himself committed treason by carrying out the fourth military coup on December 5, 2006.

His defiance means Fiji will be fully suspended from the Commonwealth in September. The suspension will affect financial and technical aid and possibly Fiji's participation at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

After the second coup in September 1987, Fiji was expelled from the Commonwealth. Fiji remained in isolation for 10 years until October 1997, when it was re-admitted to the august family of nations following the formulation of the 1997 Constoitution.

In May this year, Fiji was suspended from the Pacific Leaders Forum, for failing to move on its promise to hold democratic elections. It was the first time the Forum had ever suspended a member country.

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mark manning said...

Well , I guess I was right, time to start learning Chindu in Chindia so we can speak with the local Chindians.
I can just picture all the junks moored in Suva Bay and the Indigenous Fijians riding Chinese tourists around in their rickshaws for $1 Fijian a day !
At least everyone in Fiji will be slim, fit and healthy.