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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Forum ends with clear signal

Fiji's suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum will continue. At the end of the 40th Forum Leaders Meeting in Cairns, Australia, the leaders issued a communique re-affirming their unanimous and resolute support for the January 2009 decisions.

In accordance with the Port Moresby meeting, Fiji was suspended from the Forum on 2nd May after the dictatorship regime abrogated the Constitution on 10th April and entrenched itself in power for a minimum of another 5 years in defiance of a Fiji Court of Appeal decision of 9th April declaring the coup of 5th December 2006 as illegal.

The regime was excluded from both the pre-Forum trade dialogue as well as the Leaders Forum.

In their final communique o Forum outcomes, the leaders re-affirmed their earlier decisions under the Biketawa Declaration that requires good governance and democracy.

The Forum leaders condemned actions of Frank Bainimarama's military dictatorship regime, the deterioration of basic rights and liberties and democratic institutions, the abrogation of the Constitution, imposition of absolute media censorship, resricting freedom of assembly and on-going erosion of traditional pillars of Fijian society including chiefs and te Church.

The Leaders also deplored the recent detentions of Methodist Church leaders by the regime.

The Leaders welcomed the stan aken by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) last week, which has decided it will suspend Fiji fully from the Commonwealth if the regime does not give a clar commitment in less than a month's time through the aboted President's Politial Dialogue Forum (PPDF). The Leaders stated the absence of rule of law was deteriorating Fiji's economy, undermining private sector and adversely affecting business confidence.

They essentially re-iterated CMAG's stand for a genuinely inclusive political dialogue without pre-conditions and pre-determined outcomes.

The Leaders said they would enage Fiji through the Forum Ministerial Contact Group and the Pacific Islands Forum-Fiji Joint Working Group saying these two organs are important mechanisims for dialogue and caled on the regime to re-engage with them.

The Forum Leaders also welcomed the clear solidarity for the region's position on Fiji from the United Nations, European Union and across the international community.


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