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Monday, August 10, 2009

Fraudster appointed to top SCC job

The nepotism at the Suva City Council is continuing with Administrator Vijendra Prakash appointing his fraudulent friend as Human Resources manager.

Documents obtained by Coupfourpointfive reveal that Prakash was aware of Joe Hewson Turagasau's pending fraud case before he appointed him to the job.

Last Saturday the Fiji Times briefly reported that Turagasau pleaded guilty at the Labasa Magistrates Court to stealing $24,872.22 in grants earmarked for projects at Lekutu Secondary School in Bua in the Northern Division. He committed the crime in 2001 while employed as the Divisional Education Officer Northern.

The minutes of the Council's meeting held on June 23rd reveal that SCC’s Director Engineering Services, Director Finance and another Director recommended that a Kaliti Mate should get the job.

However, they were overruled by the Town Clerk and Special Administrator Vijendra Prakash – himself a former Ministry of Education senior staff until his appointment to SCC early this year.

Prakash recommended that Turagasau be appointed to the job and his salary be set at $45,000 per annum and he be retired at the age of 60. He would also qualify for other privileges and benefits.

Turagasau was not asked to obtain a police clearance despite this being a requirement for newly recruited employees. The SCC was also aware of Turagasau's pending fraud case because the DPP's office had notified them.

Vijendra Prakash then got his cousin, the Secretary for Local Government, Ram Chandar, to issue a character reference supporting Turagasau.

He issued the reference on 22nd June – one day before the SCC meeting.

This is the 3rd case of nepotism and cronyism under Prakash’s leadership of the Suva City Council.

Earlier we reported that Prakash had employed his sister at the Civic Centre and also recruited relatives of dairy farmers. He has also employed his brother as a health assistant.

Minutes of SCC meeting - http://www.mediafire.com/?ytn2omgdoui

Ram Chandar’s reference - http://www.mediafire.com/?i3jgmn5mnjw


Anonymous said...

OMG! This corruption has spread even to the appointees of this illegal regime-far removed from the government corridors of power.

Sooooooooo! This is Frank's way of removing corruption? Very very interesting!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Given Turangasau's CV - should do well under this regime - what a joke.