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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Growers Council dissolution case thrown out

Fiji Labour Party and National Famers Union leader Mahendra Chaudhry has suffered futher humiliation and rejection at the hands of the dictatorship regime which he helped establish on firm foundations.

Sources have confirmed that Chaudhry's son, Suva lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry tried to file a case before the High Court of Fiji in Suva last week to challenge the regime's decision to scrap the Sugar Cane Growers Council.

However the court documents were rejected by the High Court registry under the provisions of the Administration of Justice Decree promulgated under the regime's New Legal Order.

The Decree prohibits any citizen or organisation from challenging a decision of the regime.

Coupfourpointfive has been told the action of the High Court Registry is as far as Chaudhry is concerned, a case of getting a taste of his own medicine.

Chaudhry supported the overthrow of the SDL/FLP Multiparty Government of Laisenia Qarase and become Frank Bainimarama's interim Finance and Sugar Minister - a post that he held for 18 months.

On Chaudhry's recommendation the regime deferred the Growers Council elections scheduled for 2008 to 2010.

Chaudhry's recommendation was political as the National Farmers union had gained control of the Council afer the 2006 coup.

The Growers Council has been given three months to wind up its operations.

It's scrapping will leave cane farmer voiceless and with no legitimate represention.

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