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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Iloilo's statement smacks of irony

Retiring President Ratu Josefa Iloilo made some farcical comments during his farewell speech at Government House last Saturday.

Iloilo's speech writers made a fool of the Tui Vuda by making him read the following statements as part of the speech:

"We must remember national interest is not the sum of all our single or special interests....we must not forget that common good is or common interest and individual responsibility".

He went to say, "Because of fragmented pressures of special interests, it is very important that the Office of the President be a strong one, and that its constitutional authority be preserved".

The above two comments by the outgoing President make a mockery of even the illegal Peoples Charter - the very document the regime's trying to impose on the people of Fiji.

Preamble 4 of the Charter states the "Charter lays the foundation to rebuilding our nation". Therefore even an illegitimate document talks about national interest.

Furthermore, Frank Bainimarama, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and other regime leaders have accused former leaders of promoting their personal interest at the expense of national interest. While that statement can be proven to be a lie in the case of most former leaders, it is abslutely correct for the current dictators.

National interest has been sacrificed for personal interest. A good example is the retirement age. Bainimarama will retire as army commander at the age of 65 while his army officers and ordinary soldiers and civil servants have already retired in their few thousands after reaching the age of 55.

Iloilo's comment that constitutional authority of the President's office should be always preserved is also hypocritical.

It shows Iloilo, who is suffering from Alzhiemer's disease, is frail and at 89 years old, does not even know that he abrogated the Consttution on April the tenth.

Iloilo does not know that his authority was usurped by Frank Bainimarama on 5th December 2006 when he assumed executive authority and dismissed Laisenia Qarase and his democratic government.

The ailing President does not know either that the Fiji Court of Appeal on April the 9th declared the military coup illegal and the President had no special powers or prerogative authority as ruled by Chief Justice Anthony Gates and two others of existing in the Constitution and used to dismiss Qarase and his government.

Once again a ruthless regime has showed lack of compassion towards an ailing citizen, in this case the President and made him utter comments that have made a mockery of his chiefly position as well as his status as Head of State.


Anonymous said...

Well we cannot complain much because the old man accepted the position himself knowing full well that he would only be a puppet.

No fancy speech will dispute that fact! The people know.

Anonymous said...

Do the people of Vuda have no compassion on their chief that they allow him to be used and humiliated by this illegal regime? Please people protect your chief from further humiliation and derogation. You have a duty to protect him from himself.

Keep The Faith said...

Shove Orf already Iloilo!!

You're a liability to the country and to the people.

May you reap the justice you so rightly deserve in your twilight years.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that Iloilo does not understand what he is saying (reading). Everything is prepared by the military regime. He therefore has very limited understanding of what he is saying.

You can tell when he has difficulty in pronouncing some of the words during a speech. It is pathetic really that a person supposed to be of high standing and moral ground can stoop so low just so that he can get benefits from the people's hard earned money!

Wait for the retirement package that he will receive!

Anonymous said...

The blame rests squarely on the Vuda people and Rupeni Nacewa who continuously lied to people about the President's health which includes his mental state. Now we know that they lied to everyone and the Vuda people do not even have the decency to stop their chief from being further humiliated by this illegal juntas. What a shame. For supporting the juntas, you will pay for your crime whether you are a chief or a bishop or a common Indian thief. "Vengence is mine, the Lord says."

Anonymous said...

So who gets the taxpayer funded Hummer?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon, Aug 13, 5.59pm - Mrs Iloilo will be riding it out in style on her last trip out of the white house. That's after riding Nacewa for the last time before both of them get kicked out for good from there.

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