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Friday, August 21, 2009

Mataitoga eyed for diplomatic posting

The former High Court judge, Isikeli Mataitoga, is being eyed by the interim regime as the new ambassador to Japan.

Mataitoga is currently at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - the new posting is expected to be available in two months time.

The Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs, as well as Fiji’s Ambassador in Brussels before becoming a High Court judge, Mataitoga was not appointed to the Bench after losing his job following the abrogation of the Constitution.

Mataitoga become Fiji’s Director of Public Prosecutions after Sitiveni Rabuka’s 1987 coups.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, Dr Richard Bayer, has resigned. According to Public Service Commission, cChairman Josefa Serulagilagi, Bayer resigned because “he wanted to make way for someone else”.

But sources say Bayer was asked to step down to make way for another military officer to join the civil service.

Colonel Mason Smith, recalled from the Fiji mission in New York, has now been confirmed as the new Permanent Secretary for Agriculture.

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