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Monday, August 3, 2009

Methodist ministers visit Rewa

Seven Methodist ministers yesterday made a traditional approach to the chiefly host of their 2009 annual conference to announce its cancellation.

Former church president Reverend Laisiasa Ratabacaca led the 11-man delegation and made a presentation for Rewa to accept the church's decision made on Friday.

"It was a difficult task for the church to convey this message to the vanua of Rewa and it was also difficult for the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi (Ro Teimumu Kepa) to accept," church assistant general secretary Reverend Tevita Banivanua told the Fiji Times.

"But we're strengthened by God's word when He said: 'For when I am weak, then I am strong' (2 Corinthians 12:10)."

He told the Fiji Times there were two ways to deal with the State's decision not to allow the conference - to be confrontational, which the church did not want to be seen as, or be humble.

"That is God's will," he said.

He said the vanua Rewa had accepted this decision since it only awaited the voice of the church.

Ro Teimumu is currently bound by strict bail conditions, which means she would not be able to call for any meetings to inform her people of this decision.


  1. They should have visited before Ro Teimumu was charged for inviting them. Seems now that all the hardship the Marama Bale endured because of her insistence that the conference go on is in vain. If it was to have any meaning at all, then the Methodist Church will also insist on going ahead with the conference. Why put the Marama Bale through all this hassle? She had the guts to stand up for what she believed in and paid the price because of it. That's the challenge now facing the MC. Will they stand up and be counted regardless of the cost? Don't quote scripture to justify your decision. It seems that it's all lip service. If you want to quote scripture, here's one for you when Jesus said, "Take up your cross and follow me." The cross speaks of sacrifice. Seems like the MC ministers are not willing to put their lives on the line for what they believe in. They live a comfortable and cushy lifestyle, they are not willing to throw that away. Hebrews 12:4 says that " you have not resisted unto blood"...... so true for this crop of ministers....men of God of old endured suffering for the sake of the gospel, the apostles in the Book of Acts said that , "they would rather obey God than man" They got into trouble with the authorities and guess what, They rejoiced "because they were considered worthy to suffer for his namesake". All this takes place while Israel was occupied by the Roman Army. They didn't have a democracy back then. Our country, for all intents and purposes is under "military occupation". So why don't you MC ministers follow in the footsteps of the apostles of old and "obey God rather than man" if you are so convinced that the Church Conference is the will of God. Let's see if you will "rejoice for having being counted worthy to suffer for his namesake". What I'm saying is, walk the talk, don't be fair-weather church ministers only. You wanna quote scripture, go right ahead! We'll come back with a few of our own to set you straight.

  2. Totally agree with prevous blog. The MC must bow its head in shame becase they have not been able to obey God's calling. Is it the comfortable lifestyles and the poshy vehicles that the church leaders have that is the stumbling block?

    People who consider themselves Christians or Methodists will rue the day that Frank Bainimarama has defeated the Church. It took oe Ship's Captain to show that these church leaders do not believe in God's path.

    Comfort has smoothed the blades of their swords!

  3. Cut all the bullshit please. The Methodist Church are so accountable for all this troubles that fiji is in today. Thanks to the MC and their evil plans in 1987. Now its them getting kicked up the butt. The Marama on the other hand was listening to SDL and the MC leadership who were trying to stir up trouble. You all need to repent for your sins before god one day...all of you! Frank and all his hoodlums, the MC and each and everyone of you liars.

  4. It seems the Methodist church leaders are all full of piss and wind !

  5. Just protecting their ill-gotten material possessions at the expense of the members of the Church!

  6. Sa levu ga na limuri...eda sa vakaloloma nai taukei..ena levu ni vei liumuri taki....Sa vinaka cake ga me da sa kacivi kece ena tamata lamulamu...kei na tamata sorosoro....kei na tamata dadatuvu...kemudou na lotu,dou sa lai soro tu ena i naki ni vunica nei setani
    (na matanitu)!!!!!!!!!!eda sa na vakaloloma tikoga....vinaka cake me yali edua ka bula na udolu na kawa i taukei...

  7. You people who are lumping the MC ministers together need to understand that there is now a split within the church, with the IG backing the faction that is calling off the Conference.

    Ask yourselves why the President & General Secretary of the MC have not come out with the statements of cancellation, why it's come from the DGS....

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.....


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