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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Militarisation a sign of permanent rule

The unprecedented militarisation of the civil service is yet another signal of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces gearing itsef for a permanent stay in power, similar to the Burmese military junta.

Last week we highlighted names of prominent military officers that have taken up top jobs in the civil service.

This includes the four Divisional Commissioners - Commissioner Central, Commissioner Easter, Commissioner Northern and Commissioner Western.

Previously, these Divisional Commissioners used to report matters relating to decision making to the respective ministries, most notably being the Ministries of Provinical and Regional Development.

But sources have told us that within the next three months, the military officers will shortly be elevated to the position of divisional commissioners with full authority to make decisions on the distribution of funds and allocation of resources.

They will only be responsible to the regime's ministers or the permanent secretaries of the decisions.

Sources say this move is designed to appease the rural population, particularly Fijians, and pamper them with funds and assistance with the target being winning their support for the dictatorship regime.

The constrcution and opening of the new Naqali bridge for the people of Naitasiri and distribution of horses to a remote Tailevu village this year are two examples of the regime's attempts to win the hearts of rural Fijians.

The militarisation of the civil service is a signal of the regime's intention to rule Fiji through the barrel of the gun and suppress pro-democracy activists by silencing them through the media censorship promulgation.


mark manning said...

It is time for all Law biding Military Officers to resign !
By remaining in the Military, they are seen as supporters of this illegal Regime, and consequently, enable it to survive !
They should resign now, knowing that if they don't, that from this day on, they are guilty of High Treason, as are Frank and his followers.
The time has come to prove who you are and what you represent.
Your children will Judge you as much by what you do, as that which you choose not to do !

Anonymous said...

A sign, can we say by extension then, of permanent economic doldrums, and permanent travel bans?

mark manning said...

All these people have been murdered while Frank Bainimarama was Commander of the Military in 2000 and Interim Prime Minister and Commander of the Military, since 2006.

5 Counter Revolutionary Warfare Soldiers ( Rabuka’s Elite Body guards ), Murdered by fellow Fijian soldiers of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces in 2000 :-
*** Selesitano Kalounivale ***
*** Jone Davui ***
*** Epineri Bainimoli ***
*** Lagani Rokowaqa ***
*** Iowane Waseroma ***
One of these men was totally innocent as he wasn’t even at the Camp nor involved in any of the atrocities the previous few days.

Innocent, unarmed Fijian Citizens, murdered by Soldiers of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces since 2006 :-
*** Nimilote Verebasaga ***
*** Sakiusa Rabaka ***

Innocent, unarmed Fijian Citizens, murdered by members of the Fiji Police force since 2006 :-
*** Tevita Malasebe ***
*** Josefa Baleiloa ***

Knowing that some Fijians may be related to or friends of the deceased I have mentioned here and that it may bring back bad memories, I’d like to apologise in advance for any discomfort, but want you to understand that I feel it is necessary to share Frank Bainimarama’s true character and violent history, with the International community and to remind Fijians also, of the scum they are now dealing with.