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Thursday, August 6, 2009

NZ and Aust PM's reject call to rise up''

The prime ministers of New Zealand and Australia have both rejected a call by the outgoing chairman of the Pacific Forum for people in Fiji to rise up.

John Key and Kevin Rudd yesterday both said the suggestion was unhelpful and any solution must be a peaceful one.

The Forum's outgoing chair, Toke Talagi, yesterday said in his opening speech at the Pacific Leaders Forum in Cairns that people in Fiji should rise up and take the future into their own hands.

Mr Talagi (pictured above right) said interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama's road map to free elections by 2014 was unacceptable.

"Perhaps citizens of Fiji must now rise up to challenge the undemocratic rule of the military regime and restore democracy for the sake of their children's future."

The premier of Niue later told reporters: "I would wonder sometimes if people realise you can't shoot 500,000 Fijians. And you can't use the tactics you are using at the moment if you rise up peacefully."

Mr Talagi said he was not advocating violence.

The prime minister of New Zealand, John Key, rejected the call saying: "You can't have a good coup and a bad coup."

Forum chairman Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, condemned the recent treatment of the Methodist church leaders, but said any solution in Fiji should be peaceful.


SEMI MEO said...

This thug Toke will NOT retire in the Pacific Island but in Otara, Auckland..moce joe!!

Thanks, Mr. Rudd and Mr. Key for condemning the barbaric rhetoric by this thug, and make sure this thug does not retire in any of your respective housing commission lets he engineer revolt by expatriate Pacific Island extremists.

Anonymous said...

Are Key and Rudd seriously believing that the dictator packs up and goes without being kicked out? No, in the they can't be that ignorant. So what is it that makes them take this stand? Perhaps their own interests. Pacific nations that are divided by Frank and lacking leadership in Pacific matters that Fiji used to provide are much more easy to manipulate.

Anonymous said...

The former forum chairperson's comments clearly shows the calibre of so called leaders that are in the forum. He obviously has not learnt diplomacy by now nor understand and implement peaceful resolutions in the pacific.
The forum is becoming a joke. Attend all these long meetings, harp on about nothing and get paid big bucks for doing absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

The Forum is dead without Fiji. Period.

No one in his right mind can deny that the Forum has become a toy box for Australia and New Zealand to play around with. In that regard, the forum is no longer what it was meant to be.

Now is the time for MSG to rise.

Anonymous said...

This is the only reasonable response that we can get in the face of the stand that has been taken by Frank. He is arrogant and stubborn and Australia and NZ can make suggestions until kingdom come. Frank will just say "up yours".

So the only reasonable and constructive suggestion any right thinking person can make is to encourage the people to take back power from this regime forcefully!

mark manning said...

Toke Talagi
has shown real Statesmanship by expressing his honest views on how to resolve the crisis in Fiji.
Sadly though, Fijians are gripped with an unrealistic fear of what could happen if they dare fight for their freedom.
So it looks like it will be up to the youth of Fiji to reclaim their Freedom !

Anonymous said...

well maybe mark manning and toke talagi should come to fiji and show the fijians how to do it!!

you ought to experience what the common fiji citizen is going through (in these tough times) than voice your opinions.

Anonymous said...

looks like there are a lot of RFMF media cell people commenting as anonymous people here.

Anonymous said...

no we are not RFMF media cell people, just normal citizens living in fiji, tired of people voicing their rubbish, telling us how to go about things in our country....when they have never lived here nor experienced what we have gone through.
we have had coup d'etats since the 1880s -the first one on bau in 1832, the next on 5 June 1871 in levuka.....then 1987 etc.
we dont condone these illegal acts, we are held by the barrel of the gun so last thing we need is people providing us with destructive comments.
if you want to help us....help us constructively.