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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vuluano crusade gets permit

While the dictatorship regime has cancelled the solevu of the Methodist Church, the radical denomination, New Methodist Church has been granted a permit to hold its crusade in Suva next week.

The Church is headed by Atu Vulaono, younger brother of Police Commissioner Esala Teleni. Since December 2008, the New Methodist Church has been an integral part of the Fiji Police Force with police officers compelled to attend New Methodist Church service one Sunday in a month.

Vulaono has told the media he expects more than 20,000 people to participate in the Crusade. It has not been established if the Police Force will be part of this Crusade.

The last Crusade held in Suva almost three months ago say full participation of the Police Force.

Sources have told us that the 5 day Crusade cost the Force more than $150,000.

We can also confirm that the New Methodist Church, which holds its weekly Sunday service in Suva, has been hiring buses to transport its members to the service.

We can report that 70% of transportation cost is being paid from the Police Force budget.

If the transportation cost for a bus company comes to $2000, $1500 is being paid from the Force budget.

This practice has been prevalent for many months while ordinary men and women of the Police Force are in desperate need of increases to their salaries and allowances.


mark manning said...

That's what you get for supporting an illegal treasonous bunch of thieves !

Anonymous said...

This is the continuing effort by this regime to convert everybody to this cult. The plan is to cancel the Methodist conference and in its place to hold the New Methodist Cult.

At the same time this whole crusade is expected to be paid for by the Fiji Police. All these without any say by the people who own these funds being lavishly wasted by this regime.

Frank and his puppets will be answerable to God and to the Fiji people for all these evil actions!

Anonymous said...

"It has not been established if the Police Force will be part of this Crusade" Of course they will be. Whether they like it or not, they don't have a choice. It will be really ridiculous to see them lawmen prancing about on stage in tax-payer funded uniform. I'll go just for the entertainment value.

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me , there are worst off people in fiji , and they are using govt funds to do all this , man what is happening to our fiji , when you have people like this misusing funds , talk about corrupt

Anonymous said...

teleni and frank should resign....you guys abusing office and using hard earned taxpayers funds....i thought this was one clean up campaign...now who's cleaning who....stealing our money pretending to do God's work....may you all die a slow painful death in hell...allah akbah!

Anonymous said...

All we can do is sit on our fat buttoms and complain n complain.........we all just have to live through this shit as long as we are in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Lord forgive them for they know exactly what they are doing. Lying, Stealing, murder, corruption, perversion of justice and increasing the poor, the helpless and the criminals. May your judgment come soon. "Vengeance is mine", says the Lord.

Anonymous said...

when will the people of fiji get off their bums and do something about this , tired of this bull , we dont want a bloody up rising , come man , if no one is going to do anything , by the time this is done , the normal fjians will be the ones who will be left with nothing , while all these govt people liek frank and all his kiss ass kerekere boys and girls will leave fiji with all of the taxpayers money and live in their nice houses they have in other coutnries,come fiji stand up to these people, they have been allowed to do what they want for too long , now is the time to stop all this before its too late for our children, they are the ones who are going to carry fiji forward