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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Police Officers ordered to praise the Lord

Police officers in Fiji are now answering the phones with Praise the Lord.

While police spokeswoman Ema Mua told Fiji TV this was not compulsory and police officers were doing this out of their own intiative, the Deputy Director of Operations Superintendent Erami Raibe told Legend FM this is the new approach of the Fiji Police Force.

Raibe said this is part of the christian crusade as the force is trying to change its image by adopting the Jesus strategy.

Christian Crusades in the force started in December last year and all officers, irrespective of their religious belief are compelled to attend a church service co-ordinated by the New Methodist Church one Sunday every month.

Police officers living in police quarters and barracks cannot consume yaqona or kava in their homes.

And now all police officers given duties at the switchboard or to operate telephone lines at police stations are told to say Praise the Lord, irrespective of whether they are Christians, Hindus or Muslims.

Sources have told us that a vast majority of police officers are deeply unhappy about what they feel is religious persecution by Commissioner Esala Teleni and his senior officers.

Teleni is a member of the New Methodist Church being run by his younger brother Atu Vulaono.


mark manning said...

Beware of false profits :-

Anonymous said...

Sa rauta mada.....a cava soti..íé,keda se tikoga qo i vuravura,gonei!!!!!!!
Please GOD alone,not men....to all Police bros n sis,do as the spirit guides you,if its right to do......we are all given agency of where,why,how you worship....come on COMPOL,enough pls....you're like a blind leading the blind!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ema Mua's mouth spews nothing but bullshit! She says what teh Commish wants to hear without any conviction. She fools the people with the lies that she spreads day in and day out.

Ms Mua I hope that you sleep well when you are at home. You are so full of lies that it is no longer funny. Your face stinks of lies everytime you appear in the media.

Your children will look down on you bloody liar! Stop insulting our intelligence!

Anonymous said...

Teleni's New Methodist was borne out of rebellion and rebellion is a form of idolatry. He has created a Jesus that has saved him and give him what he wants...but that is not the Jesus that is seated at the right hand of the Father. He can win as many souls to the Lord, but when he stands before God on judgement day, he will first of all be judged on how he treated God's delegated authorities in his life. And we all know what he and Frank did to them when they disobediently took control of the nation in 2006. No wonder Jesus says: " why do you call me Lord Lord and yet not do what I say!" We are also reminded in Acts 5:32 that God gives the Holy Spirit to those who obey Him.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Frank all about removing discrimination?
Start practising what you preach Frank!

Anonymous said...

After saying "Praise God, Fiji Police Force, can I help you?", they fornicate in the next minute with their own colleagues or outsiders.

This is where it is very applicable to refer to that Bible verse "Thou shall not take the Lord's name in vain".

Anonymous said...

this is a govt body , who are there to serve the people of fiji , and not their own private agenda , what is fiji coming to , when you are forced into something that you dont believe in , no respect for other beliefs , Teleni you day is coming, keep this up and the people of fiji will see what you are really up to, i am a Christian , but what this person is doing is not right , you can preech to people and inform them of Christ , but you cant force them

FreeFiji said...

Foolishness of Men, who try to right the wrong of others,yet fail to know what is right and wrong for themselves.Democracy is the sit of fairness...Theocracy is in Heaven...give onto Caesar what is due of him , and to God Almighty what is due unto him...Heretics ! ! !

How Can a God that sided with Abel ( the Murdered) be able to side with Cain ( VB and Co)(BUNCH OF MURDERERS...How is that possible that a God who doesn't condone murder be praised by a murderer ! blasphemy ! ! ! May you all rot in Hell....ABANDON ALL HOPE " ~ YAH ~