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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Raivoce under investigation

Former military colonel Sakiusa Raivoce is under investigation for breaching Public Emergency Regulations (PER), according to police.

Raivoce, the managing director of Global Risk Strategies, was arrested from his Tamavua home on Tuesday night and taken to Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua where he was interrogated by the military.

He was released today without any charges laid against him. But police say Raivoce is still being investigated for breaching PER. It is understood he was arrested after circulating a certain email. The contents of the email are not known.

The no-nonsense Colonel was the subject of an arson attack in March this year when molotov cocktails were thrown at his vehicle parked in his house compound. The molotov hit his vehicle but was extinguished by Raivoce.

The molotov was meant to ignite the petrol tank of the four wheel drive, which would then set fire to his well-secured home.


Anonymous said...

Raivoce you have the people's support! He is one of those brave people standing up against Frank and his guns!

As usual when somebody stands or speaks against Frank and his puppets thay are taken in for "questioning". What crap!

mark manning said...

While seeking a dialogue with the Commonwealth, Frank and his cowardly goons yet again, kidnap and harass another Fijian Citizen in the dead of night under the cover of darkness.
How bazaar,how bazaar !

Anonymous said...

Bless you Raivoce! May there be more sensible army people like you to turn against the illegal regime. When the ordinary army personnel start to see the truth then we will be free. We will make you the army Commander!