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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Regime unmoved by decision

The interim regime says it's not bothered by a decision by the Paciic Islands Forum that will see Fiji's suspension continue from May the second.

Information Ministry Permanent Secretary Lieutenant-Colonel Neumi Leweni told Fiji Television last night the regime doubted whether the decison of the Forum was unanimous given that Melanesian Spearhead Group countries had earlier opposed Fiji's suspension.

He claims the absence of Fiji from the Forum neant there was no way the unanimity of the Forum Leaders decision could be established.

But Leweni deliberately fails to tell the people of Fiji that the MSG Leaders after is 10th July meeting gave conditional support to the regime on the basis that it starts genuine dialogue and reconciliation with all sections of the society.

The importance of genuine dialogue been also emphasisd by both the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group and the Forum Leaders in their communique afer the 40th Laders Meeting in Cairns.

Leweni also failed to tell the people of Fiji that they and not the Forum had dis-engaged from the Forum Joint Working Group wel before the regime abrogated the Constitution and was suspended.


Anonymous said...

It is nothing new and we are getting used to it. Frank and Leweni sees everything the way they want to-not the way they really are!

This regime has excluded the views and thoughts of every human being in this country and think that they know what is good or bad for the people.

But I challenge Frank and his puppets to undertake a referendum and see whether the people really support what he is doing or they totally reject and condemn him!

Come on Frank be a man and take up this challenge!

mark manning said...

From rawfijinews, this morning :-
Frank’s interview on Aljazeera
August 10, 2009
Part 1 here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVVgSkA8AV0&feature=channel

Part 2 here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N70Gh42FIYM&feature=channel

Anonymous said...

did you guys know that the purchase of CNB was financed by the Vatican Bank?