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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rudd suggests new trade agreement to exclude Fiji

Australia's prime minister Kevin Rudd says more needs to be done to help Fiji move back towards democracy.

Addressing leaders from the Pacific Islands Forum in Cairns a few minutes ago, Mr Rudd said the Forum has made its stand clear on the situation in Fiji and its dismay at the difficulties facing the people of Fiji.

"The fact that in recent times we have seen the arrest of ministers of religion in Fiji is not the Pacific Way.

"The people of Fiji deserve better and we look forward to their return to the family of democracies across our region," he said.

He told Pacific leaders they must think of ways to urge Fiji to return to democracy.

Mr Rudd said trade ministers have recommended they begin negotiations on a new trade agreement for the region., suggesting Fiji could be excluded by this agreement.

The Forum has been pushed into a tight corner since Fiji's suspension from the Forum in May.

Fiji is part of a regional trade agreement, PACER Plus, and being the hub of the Pacific, it would have been hard to exclude it from talks.


SEMI MEO said...

You just cannot avoid a bit of a chuckle by former seasoned diplomat now Australian PM Rudd speech to the Forum leaders, most of whom eat out off the Federal Aid Budget.

The Rudd Government and any regime around the world would act quickly to defuse any form of religious extremism in the name of NATIONAL SECURITY. Mr. Rudd was just condemning Muslim religious extremist arrested just yesterday in Australian Cities. Unthinkable would the consequence be on the innocent populace had not been the brilliance of Federal and State intelligence and security agencies.

In Fiji’s situation, NO ONE condones the arrest of our religious leaders as Mr. Rudd alleged. But emotions and rhetoric aside, our few Religious leaders were detained for NATIONAL SECURITY purposes. Our local intelligence and security agencies may have quantified the possible risk to National security had the confrontation between the Methodist and Military ensured. Hence, the questioning of Religious leaders in the safety of the Police Station where, according the Religious leaders admission, they were treated with dignity and humanely in the Pacific Way!! The choice of the word “arrested” by Mr. Rudd is rather unfortunate as it may portrait a picture of “religious arrest” in other more volatile spots around the globe.

You cannot really blame Mr. Rudd for his ignorance of the Fiji situation as he can only rely on information supplied to his speechwriters by those in the fort on Princess Road.

Australian Trade Minister Mr. Grean in a speech in Brisbane recently acknowledge Fiji as the Pacific Hub and Australia would find a way to inform Fiji of the development of the PACER-PLUS, which at any ones guess, Fiji will always be a part of the Pacific Trade equation.

Our friends in Australia knows that, and all our cousins around the Pacific are aware of our startegic political and economic relevance in their own survival.

Anonymous said...

The Methodist did not want to blow up and kill innocent people, totally different situation.
How can you compare the two.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Semi Meo's can give us his definition of what an arrest is, but if you get picked up by the police and detained at police station and then charged and released on bail with very strict conditions, that to me is being arrested, charged and released on bail. It goes without saying that those arrested should be given good treatment irrespective of who he/she is. Security risks from peaceful men of cloth? A little far fetched do you think?

Anonymous said...

Semi you must be on the government payroll.

SEMI MEO said...

@Anonymous, Sir/Madam. You would no doubt agree with us that though the word “arrest” has the same universal spelling, it definitely, DOES NOT necessarily have the same meaning or relevance.

Mr Rudd’s use of the word in the atmosphere of Political Leaders meeting in one of his own City have a different impact and meaning if used casually by kids playing cops and robber in a playground. Hence, I stand by my post.

Unfortunately, you may be foreign to local Church politics. I will not do your homework for you, so go find out the other persona of some “peaceful men of the cloth”. The Fiji Times archives may help you.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo should know that Kevin Rudd is an elected leader who faces real threats from real terrorists. Unlike Vore qe who is a common criminal persecutes people on the pretex of national security, corruption, nepotism, etc which are just figs of his imagination.

Son of Fiji said...

Rudd's suggestion is fine... now Fiji can just go ahead and make trade agreements that don't include Australia, nor New Zealand.
With a billion dollars from our pockets going to these two big bullies annually, why do we even stand for their rhetoric?
The world is our oyster, so why limit our trade views to our next door neighbor?

Anonymous said...

Son of Fiji - If Australia and NZ stopped their Aid payments to Fiji, I think you'd notice it!

Anonymous said...

Really, who cares anyway?

Fiji can go do whaever it likes to whoever it wants, just as Frank pointed out on Dateline.

He answers to no-one, never has, never will...

Just a pity he is such a bloody idiot!!!!