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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SCC Administrator and Permanent Secretary are cousins

The Administrator of Suva City Council Vijendra Prakash and the Permanent Secretary of Local Government, Ram Chandar, are cousins.

Sources have confirmed Chandar, who gave a character reference in favour of fraudster Joe Hewson Turagasau enabling his appointment as the Human Resources Manager of Suva City Council, were also colleagues in the teaching fraternity.

Chandar was formerly the deputy permanent secretary for Education. Sources have confirmed that Ram Chandar was also influential in getting Prakash to resign as a senior lecturer at Fiji College of Advanced Education, and leave his secure employment to take up the Administrator's post.

Prakash is also the general secretary of Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji, the nation's largest Hindu religious organisation.

Meanwhile, following our revelations last night of Turagasau's fraud and his employment as SCC HRM based on Ram Chandar's favourable reference, Prakash today ordered an investigation at the City Council.

An IT expert was brought in to check all computers and go through the Council's server to try and establish which employees have been accessing blogsites - especially Coupfourpointfive.

Editor's note: Vijendra Prakash and the interim regime will not be able to incriminate any SCC employee or member of the senior management because they are innocent and have not leaked documents to us.

Just as any other responsible media organisation, we have a right to protect our sources but they definitely are not from the SCC. We regard Prakash's investigation as an exercise in futility because truth cannot and will not be suppressed.


Anonymous said...

Corruption, corruption and even more corruption!

What is this country coming to?

Kabal said...

hahahah- they didn't hire the government hacker Rizwan ud Dean to find out... otherwise you would have heard about some people being arrested by this evening!!!