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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teleni hopeful Crusade will make Fiji crime-free by 2012

Police Commissioner Esala Teleni says three more years of the New Methodist Church led Crusade would make Fiji a crime-free nation by 2012.

Teleni has preached to police officers to adopt the strategy of Lord Jesus Christ to help them change their character, so they become good crime fighters.

He has accused police officers of lying, saying many are involved in the transportation of marijuana, sharing a loot and of even influencing judges inn who they send to prison. The former deputy military commander failed to elaborate on his incredible claims and give specific examples.

His preaching has drawn praise from his younger brother and head of the New Methodist Chgurch, Atu Vulaono, who says Teleni is on the right track.

Meanwhile a six-day New Methodist National Crusade started at the TFL National Stadium in Suva on Tuesday. It will end on Sunday. It is being promoted as "The New Generation or "Na Kawa Tamata Vou" and glossy leaflets are being sent to homes. Some programmes are also being held at Sukuna Park in Suva City.

The New Methodist Church, which is pro-regime, was given a permit to hold its Crusade, while Fiji's largest religious and Christian denomination, the Methodist Church, was denied permission to hold its annual conference or solevu.


Anonymous said...

And if in 2012 he is wrong, will he resign as head of police.

Anonymous said...

has this guy lost the plot , teleni , stop stealing from the people of fiji , your day is coming , what a joke , a govt organisation can be misused like this , what a joke , what is going on with Fiji

Anonymous said...

What a stupid fool @ Commissioner of Police. Even Jerusalem, Israel, and Saudi Arabia (two holy places on earth) still have crime.

Is he trying to justify the establishment of his brother's "Qo Kei Atu" church?

Anonymous said...

Is he suggesting that the church will bring this about? How ironic! They preach about Christ yet do not acknowledge that the work of redemption is only with and from Jesus Christ. The church is only a messenger and until they get this right there will be a continual soaring of crime rate in Fiji. The New Methos. preach as if they are the ones that have the power to curb crime. Remember, criminals are humans and have souls and only the Giver of that soul has the power to redeem not Teleni or anyone else that professes to do so. Please acknowledge Christ in all your ways.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if these will be able to prevent crimes like treason and coups?