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Sunday, September 20, 2009

80 percent of taxpayer money for salaries

Fiji's Permanent Secretary for Finance John Prasad has told a pre-2010 Budget private and public sector consultative forum that up until August 2009, the interim regime used $872 million in revenue that it collected this year.

Of this amount, $750 million was used for operational expenditure like salaries and wages and $122 million on capital works like improving infrastructure.

This means that a massive 86% of taxpayer dollars were used to pay salaries and wages of public servants including the interim regime's leaders and to meet other operational needs of a State.

Only 14% has been used for capital works to benefit the taxpayers.

The increase in operational expenditure comes despite the regime saying it had saved millions of dollars after the forcible retirement of 4000 civil servants since April.

Meanwhile sources say the roads continue to deteriorate, water cuts have become more frequent and inflation continues to rise.


Anonymous said...

Like pigs at a trough - and yet this regime is still blisfully unaware of the fate that eventually awaits these creatures?

Anonymous said...

By the time the elections come around..the infrastructure of our FIJI will most probably be in ruins and these cronies pockets full from money that should have been spent on the people.
God Save FIJI

Anonymous said...

You ain't seen nothing yet.
Regimes desperate answer to replenish dwindling cash reserves? Casino's.

Imagine the social impact these will have on Fiji - not withstanding the type of people they attract. Both pathetic & tragic.

Anonymous said...

Shape of things to come.

Reserve Bank govenor Sada Reddy has proposed slashing rice imports.

These imports has balloned from $21 million to $40 in the past 2 years. Rice is a sure indicator that things are getting tough at the coal face - whats more alarming given what happened in Sugar is a call to upgrade the Dreketi Mill...