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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Anand Singh wants to replace Sayed-Khaiyum

Anand Singh, who was Fiji's Attorney-General between 1999 and 2000 is interested in replacing Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum in the regime.

Singh was the lawyer for Natadola Bay Resorts Ltd - a subsidiary of Fiji National Provident Fund- until he was dismissed by the new FNPF Board at the end of June.

Sayed-Khaiyum has been given a letter by the military council advising him his services are no longer needed but so far his boss Frank Bainimarama has not taken any action to remove his trusted ally from office.

Singh was also a Fiji Labour Party Senator and the party's legal advisor.

He was replaced as FLP lawyer by party leader Mahendra Chaudhry's son, Rajendra Chaudhry.

Singh is currently without a job.


mark manning said...

After disbanding the RFMF, the next thing a Democratically Elected Government should do, is disbar all the Lawyers , Magistrates and Judges who accepted posts under this illegal Regime.

Anonymous said...

For the sake of his own community - Singh & other like mined citizens should think very carefully about accepting this or any other position offered by regime? Know first hand certain members of ruling MC bear deep seated prejudice against their cultural rivals - same applies to Sir Moti - events bear all the hallmarks of classic setup...Someone too blame when all this (coup culture) is over???

Anonymous said...

That was obvious from the get-go Anonymous @ 2.24pm! One does not hve to be an expert at analysis to know that basic FACT... even a cursory glance by an outsider, at Fiji's political landscape since the events of 1987, would agree with you on that point... which is why I am still amazed & appalled (both at once), at the rash decisions taken by our so-called learned social/political engineers, to jump aboard the MC's runaway train in a bid to put into practice their ill-conceived, pet theories, just to realize their utopia in their lifetime. Oiyawe fakapo..

Anonymous said...

Why do you insist on publishing such rubish? Do you attempt to verify any stories? The writer obviously does not know Anand Singh. You will find icebergs in Suva harbor before you find Anand Singh in this government.

Anonymous said...

Core essence of ruling MC's & their like is that they are fervent 'nationlist's' & all the predudicial baggage this entails. Lack of political & historical nous displayed by eager candidates defies belief - because of ongoing (travel) embargo by accepting positions they are not only curtailing their current options but also future ones. (immigration).
Watch for more such appointments as situation further deterioates. Belief that MC will somehow protect them is both false & naive.

Justice said...

Anand Singh is a shameless creature like his leader. He was gloating like a Hippopotamus when he was the Attorney-General in Chodry's government in 1999. Spent force as a lawyer, he was boasting that he was the third most powerful person in Fiji 10 years ago.

But when George Speight held the government hostage, Singh accepted the abrogation of the Constitution. Television footage aired in Fiji by TV ONE (footage shot by army and provided to TV wo years ago showed Singh thanking Speight when he told hgim the Constitution had been abrogated.

If Anand Singh becomes A-G then what difference will another baboon make to improve lives of the people?

What can the people expect from a baboon and a coward?

Coup 4.5 said...

Editor's note to comment number 4: We have very reliable sources and they're sure about this information on Anand Singh.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the latest on this? Is Sayed-Khaiyum still AG? Does anyone know if Singh will do more work for FNPF?

Anonymous said...

yes!but we are trying toget him out of the system;he is getting dengerous.oh by the way Anand Singh is still a lawyer with NBRL... solets pray they have their date with fate oneday

Anonymous said...

Thanks but wasn't Singh sacked by FNPF/NBRL? I heard From a reliable source that FNPF owes a few people money including Singh

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