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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bainimarama meets Commonwealth head in New York

Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma met with Fiji's Interim Prime Minister Bainimarama in New York today.

The meeting took place in the margins of the 64th session of the UN General Assembly, and in advance of the meeting of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group to be held in New York tommorrow.

The Secretary-General stressed that the Interim Government’s plans to wait another three years before re-starting a national dialogue on Fiji’s future, and five years before the holding of elections, could not be supported by the Commonwealth.

Kamalesh Sharma said such a timeframe carried no credibility with the international community.

He urged Bainimarama to demonstrate his willingness to resume a fully inclusive political dialogue process.

Sharma reiterated that the Commonwealth stood ready to support such a process.

He also raised the concern of Commonwealth members about the human rights situation in Fiji, and urged the Interim Government to rescind the Public Emergency Regulation presently in force.

The Secretary-General said that the Commonwealth remained open to re-engaging with the Interim Government of Fiji on the basis of Commonwealth principles.

The Commonwealth's Special Representative for Fiji, Sir Paul Reeves, visited Fiji from 8-11 September.

Fiji was fully suspended from the Commonwealth on September 1, 2009.


SEMI MEO said...

We say, the Commonwealth may what to Commission a credible Human Rights Audit of her members, especially the few loud mouth and influential members. Yep….that’s right, Fiji human right abuse would measured as kindergarten stuff.
Even the Commonwealth Secretariat are staffed by personal Commonwealth Countries with pathetic Human Right Record. Ask Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma, about pandemic human rights abuse in his corner of the Asian continent. EVERY day our Google alert sadly, present to us wilful killing, gang rape, evil arson that ravages innocent families. One such site; “Gospel for Asia” gives credible updates and prayer request citing perpetrators are extreme Muslims and extreme Hindus and condone or convenient ignored by Government bureaucrats in those remote provinces of both India and Pakistan. That is not even touching our African cousins and island neighbour like Tonga recently shuns gender equality.
These are the members of Commonwealth Saints and Lords of Human Rights who’re going to judge us.
We say, get back the Police check points and part of night curfew to protect our women and children and properties as thugs are now roaming our streets, yet again!.

Anonymous said...

Frank must be really thick! The Commonwealth's position on Fiji is clear and will not change even if Frank will go and cry outside their doorstep-take Fiji to democratic rule and respect for the rule of law. Period!