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Monday, September 28, 2009

Bainimarama staged coup 'to stop terrorists'

Commodore Frank Bainimarama says terrorists were threatening Fiji's safety.

Fiji's military backed leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama has told the United Nations Fiji's 2006 coup was staged to stop terrorists taking control of his country.

Commodore Bainimarama has addressed the United Nations' General Assembly three times since he staged the military takeover in late 2006.

This year he has told the UN the coup was necessary, because the country's politicians had links to terrorists.

"Politicians, in league with those who employ terror as a tactic, to push their racial supremacy and corrupt agenda, had become a threat to the safety and security of our people," he said.

Commodore Bainiamarama also used the address to ask for understanding about why he cannot allow a return to democratic rule until 2014 - Radio Australia


Anonymous said...

Sure the Taliban and other sinister forces were about to attack Fiji. Luckily, Franck was there preventing an Air Pacific planes flying into the Australian High Commission and the US Embassy. Why don't these guys get it, he is a hero, the last bastion against a wave of Methodist terrorists bombing their way to supremacy. Give us a break you self serving pighead. He is even too dumb to notice that there is a new administration in the US headed by a somewhat smarter bloke than Bush. How long do we let ourselves being embarrassed by an idiot like that in front of the whole world?

Anonymous said...

and all this time I believed he initiated the coup because of racism and corruption by the elected government

Liu Muri said...

You will only appreciate what Bainimarama is saying is if you are an Indo Fijian who has been at the receiving end of Fijian thugs who systematically go terrorising Indo Fijians, especially in rural areas, while also trashing their temples and worship places. Such tactics were blatantly obvious during George Speight's coup where even government agency like police resources were used to loot Indo Fijians. That trend was prevalent during Qarase's regime where ethno nationalists pushed their agenda to undermine democracy, while police, dominated by indigenous Fijians, turned a blind eye to these atrocities. That is why Bainimarama had to do what he did.

mark manning said...

Liu Muri
If you are telling the truth, then you guys should have documented evidence of that behaviour and presented it to the authorities and International organisations and lobbied the Unions etc. for support and justice.
My guess is though, that the truth lays somewhere in between and that there might have been be pockets of that behaviour throughout Fijian society, by unscrupulous Police etc.
With modern technology, videos and mobile phones etc. there's no reason why the evidence can't be gathered and aired in Court or on youtube.
But either way, High Treason, destruction of the Fijian Culture and Community and the illegal detention, torture and murder of fellow Fijian Citizens, just doesn't seem to be a justified response !
It's a little extreme don't you think ?
I'd like to know if you personally witnessed that which you have stated here, and what your response at the time was !
Did you go to court or the Police and make formal complaints etc. ?

Is it possible though, that Frank's mates were the people doing the terrorising of Indo Fijians ?
Wouldn't that be a tried and tested way of deflecting blame onto the Qarase Government and hence gaining support for his own hidden agenda, avoidance of prison for the murders of 5 C.R.W. Soldiers in 2000, under his Command ?

Hitler used similar tactics leading up to the 1939 war.

Anonymous said...

Is the AG (bomb Maker) not a terrorist,

Anonymous said...

@ Liu Muri.

If you somehow think Bainimarama is the Indians saviour your laboring under a false illusion.

While nobody condones violence or sacrilege you must appreciate & understand the Fijian perspective -re an aggressive & uncompatable alien presence within our land?

Anonymous said...

@ mark manning

I'm flabbergasted that all these times you've been commenting, I thought you knew what was happening in Fiji during Speight and Rabuka's coup.

To find the evidence of what Liu Muri was saying, just go and do a proper research of the court cases about those people who were terrorised in Muaniweni.

This is the problem with people like you. Now I know that most of what you know about fiji comes from just reading blogs, newspaper reports and third party news sources.

do proper research and you questions to Liu Muri will be answered.

Anonymous said...

You want to start throwing s..t at the Kai Viti?

Suggest you start closely examining what Chaudhry & the Indo Kiwi Australian carpetbaggers have done - & are doing?

Come on - what this man (Chaudhry) did was too you people staggers belief...

mark manning said...

I've always said that I don't fully understand what is the problem with Fijian society, and I've acknowledged that there seem many unresolved issues and anomalies.
Personally, it's true that I've mostly listened to Indigenous Fijians views on what and why there is conflict there, but I vigourously defend the rights of all Citizens of Fiji, to my own detriment.
But no matter the issues and the resolutions, they remain a matter for all Fijians to determine and to sort out to the satisfaction of all.
Under a true Democratic system, this should be possible, but under a dictatorship, it's simply unworkable.
If a segment of Fijian society feels it is being unfairly represented, then there is the option of relocating, immigrating to a more sociable country which accommodates their needs and wishes or one can become Politically active.
The International Conventions on Human Rights, if not respected, then they must be demanded by that section of the society that feels it is being discriminated against.

I am for the Rights of the individual, be they black, white, yellow or pink.
I don't discriminate because of colour, creed, age, nationality, social standing, nor based on what tribe they may be from.

Frank Bainimarama, has no allegiance to anyone, he is a tyrant and an anarchist, and possibly even mentally deranged.
He has a history of violence and only has his own interests at heart.

I believe that the belief by some within the Fijian society that their issues can be resolved by coups, are misguided at best.
In fact, it is the coups which have created the divide within Fijian Society.
The loss to the economy has been $10,000,000,000 ( ten billion ) each coup !
And that is the assertion of an Indian professor, not me !

Anonymous said...

In law terrorism is the use or threat of violence for political motives. That describes what happened here in 2000. You try telling the widows of the policemen who died to protect us from the rebels and escaped prisoners, that their husbands did not die because of acts of terror. You tell the hostages in Parliament who suffered violent acts, that their assailants were not terrorists. Reading the speech carefully, the Commodore does not link Fiji to global terrorism. That seems to be bad journalism on the part of the blog writer who chose the headline. I was a victim of terrorism in 2000. No one has the right to belittle the trauma and violence I and my family suffered. For those of you making fun of me and other victims, please take a minute to listen to our feelings. When the Commodore talked about terrorism in Fiji, in his speech to the world, I thanked God that someone has been listening at last. He has shown respect for our grief.

Liu Muri said...

Those who feel 2000 was not terrorism, please read a new research done by an independent Eastern European scholar, Susanna Trnka: Trnka, S. (2008). "State of suffering :Political violence and community survival in Fiji." Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

This book details how Indo Fijians were systematically terrorised in 2000 coup under the guise of ethnic superiority by agents of George Speight and the Methodist Church.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, I don't care how many misguided local girls think you're uro. Your logic stinks.

Can you seriously believe that Frank B would send his troops out to terrorise ordinary Indian families as a pretext for taking over the country?

Gimme a break. He had reason enough to do what he did like knock your SDL kaivata from their cosy perches.

To compare FB with Adolf Hitler is not only absurd, it's insulting to the memories of the millions killed by the Nazis.

Memo Liu Muri: Time for a name change coz there's nothing liu muri about you. You're my main man ( or woman ), a beacon of sense in a sea of endless shite.

Anonymous said...

@ Liy Muri.

Why is it when Indians speak about
an attempted cultural takeover of Viti & its recources its democracy
- yet when the indigenous resist its racism?

Anonymous said...


Anon comparing FB with Hitler is valid - same authoritarian tecnique - your disregard & dismissal via numbers reveals a selfish uncaring nature.

1 or 1 million? No difference to those who suffered - or lost loved ones - hurts still the same.

siti said...

In that case we should compare Rabuka and Qarase with Hitler? The pushing of racist policies that led to the repatriation of large groups of people of one ethnicity? And we should compare Bai with freedom fighters like, umm let me see, Moses?
Whether Bai is a bad or good man depends on the angle with which we look at Fiji politics, and the people who share our political beds.

Anonymous said...

@ Siti.

That was then this is now.

Please one crisis at a time - immediate problem is current one.

As for theories?

Share a bed with an authoritarian
bully - see what happens?

kiti said...

@ Anonymous
Aha. But history repeats itself and we human beings are so ego-driven, we always think our situation is unique.Every crisis has a lesson for the future, if we only learn to read the signs. The present problem in Fiji was born of colonial policy one hundred years ago, of a paternalistic and protective policy which Nayacakalau said would be the greatest stumbling block for the prosperity and development of the Fijian people. He was right. Rabuka Qarase and Bainimarama all inherited the dubious consequences of that policy. You can't understand the present without an insight into the past. Ask Dr Brij Lal.