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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bainimarama's take on things

Thanks to Pacific Media Watch and Pacific Scoop for a transcription of the Frank Bainimarama interview with Native Affairs' journalist Julian Wilcox:

Re the coups: "I'm trying to do what is good for Fiji, not what's good for Australia and New Zealand. This is our one and only chance to right the wrongs. We have had four coups. We don't want any more coups.”

Re nepotism:
"It was no secret that what we wanted to do was get rid of corrupt practices [under the previous elected government of Laisenia Qarase], get rid of the racial policies that were around us - especially the racial policies that were going to take our country down.

"It boiled down to the public service not doing their thing, their bit. We have removed just about all the people for abuse of authority, abuse of office and abuse of funds. These people were part of the elite group. It was nepotism throughout and we could see that. So we wanted to get rid of it."

Re failed states: "People see this nation as a failed state. The European Union sees it as a failed state. The Commonwealth, the whole reason why they have suspended us is that they see this nation as a failed state.

"The [Pacific Islands] Forum, Australia and New Zealand see this nation as a failed African state. You have a preconceived idea of what is happening [in Fiji] when you don't understand what is happening here and people don't want to understand because you want to interfere in the way we do business.

"In fact, right now Australia is trying to get us out of the United Nations peacekeeping [role]. What benefit will there be for the Australians? Would it benefit the Maori, for instance; would it benefit the Aborigines if we were removed from the UN peacekeepers?”

Re being bullied by New Zealand and Australia:
"Yes, because you don't understand what is happening here, what we're trying to do. All you see is the military removing an elected government and it wants to remain in power for the next five years. Yes, we removed an elected government - for good reason. We wanted to bring about development in this country. We wanted to bring this country forward instead of keeping us in the old cannibalistic days."

Re democracy: "In Fiji, you don't come up with your own vote. Your vote is dictated by the chiefs, it is dictated by the Great Council of Chiefs, it is dictated by the provincial councils, and it is dictated by the [Methodist] Church. So it's not your vote. So don't tell me that it's democracy."

Re censorship:
"The press is still churning out newspapers. The TV station is still on, the radio is still on. What we have censored is irresponsible reports, that's what we have censored. The media are free to express what they want - just say the right things, don't say rubbish."

Click to read - http://pacific.scoop.co.nz/2009/09/bainimarama-vows-not-to-be-bullied-by-australia-nz/


Anonymous said...

What a joke - him of all people talking about 'elite groups'- 'racism' & 'nepotism'.

Confident people outside will see him for what he really is - a self serving delusional hypocrite & bully.

mark manning said...

Blah blah blah !
Frank continually makes accusations of corruption under Qarase, but there has been absolutely, no proof !
He says that he is taking Fiji forward, but forward to what and from where ? It remains undefined and frankly, is piss and wind, full of no substance at all.
He confirms that the Military has taken over an elected government, but doesn't see the absurdity of his own comments, in that he has admitted committing High Treason against the State.
He again confirms, in the plural, that it is " we " ho are doing this, not " me " .
But is too cowardly to expose just " who " the " we " are !
His remarks regarding the Governments of Australia and New Zealand lobbying the united Nations to cease Fiji military peace keeping deployments indicate that he is hurting financially and also that he doesn't understand the irony of deploying a military to peace keeping, when it is denying those same freedoms to it's own citizens.
Frank Bainimarama is child like in his thinking and his assessment of most things and anyone who supports him is simply using Frank for their own selfish reasons.
In Fiji, at the moment, there is no " VOTE " and it is the Military who are doing the dictating, not the Chiefs and the councils.
Again though, he fails to see the irony in what he is saying, at least the Councils are Elected, as are the Chiefs, where as certain within the Military have taken it upon themselves to represent their own interests and are not Elected.
Finally, Frank Bainimarama has absolutely no credibility because of his alleged involvement in the 5 C.R.W. Soldiers murders in 2000 and the murders of 4 unarmed, innocent Fijian Civilians since December the 5th. 2006 and his pending arrest for sedition in late 2006.
His failure to address these issues with the Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes or to investigate the complaints against his own Soldiers, points to the mans mentality, his real intentions and his inability to lead or take responsibility.
He is, as we all know from his retreat from the camp grounds in 2000, a coward, incapable of leading a Nation, especially a failed State such as Fiji has become since December the 5th. 2006.
Frank Bainimarama even failed to understand the concept of the internet and how it works, mobile phones and how they operate and the opposition that would ensue from the International Community and their organisations as well as the resistance against his Regime from within Fiji.
The end is near for Frank Bainimarama and his Regime and like a frightened rat on a sinking ship, he will be one of the 1st. to abandon ship when it begins to sink.

mark manning said...

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Anonymous said...

This maniac is full of shit! He talks from the wrong opening and does not know it!!

Anonymous said...

Because he is one BIG TIME want to know everything,
"When you know more about less,you will finally know evrything about nothing...!!!

Anonymous said...

Bit rich Kai Gau bagging the chiefly system when his brother insists on being called & known as Ratu.