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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Commonwealth wants Fiji out of Games

The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group today confirmed it will extend penalties against Fiji and try to have it excluded from next year's Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

A spokesperson for the group told Coupfourpointfive the Commonwealth Games Federation will be asked to review Fiji's participation as a result of the interim government refusing to engage in democratic dialogue and elections.

Eduardo del Buey says the decision was made yesterday at the CMAG meeting in New York, where other efforts to bring the Fiji government around were also discussed. These included the action group's deadline for Fiji to commit to elections by 2010 and the recent visit of its special envoy to Suva.

He says the CMAG was disappointed with the decision by Commodore Bainimarama to stick to his deadline of 2014 for elections and his government's refusal to allow Sir Paul Reeves to meet other political leaders when he visited two weeks ago.

Mr Buey says because of Fiji's suspension from the Commonwealth, it should by rights be excluded from the 2010 Commonwealth Games, just as Nigeria was excluded from all Commonwealth activity after it was suspended.

He says if there was a change of heart by the interim government, then it was possible Fiji could avoid being boycotted at next year's Games.

But he says the way things were going at the moment, that appeared unlikely.

Fiji was suspended from the Commonwealth on 1 September. It was also suspended from the Pacific Leaders Forum on 1 May.


mark manning said...

Frank’s silly address to the U.N. :-


SEMI MEO said...

..no worries….our seven's team could now play for...eh...PNG or Solomon islands to complete they own seven development?...there is more to life than blooming sports!!...let's focus on rebuilding and leave sports until next time…Fiji's honour on the no. 1 dais is unquestionable…..just ask the descendant of patriots who paid the ultimate sacrifice for Great Britannia.

Anonymous said...

Much as it may be unfair to disqualify Fiji, we have to carry the burden for sustaining an illegal regime. Period!

Vidya Lakhan and his supprters can say all they want but the final decision will be made by the Games body.