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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dorsami Naidu defeats Chaudhry and Vuataki

Suva based lawyer Rajendra Pal Chaudhry and Kitione Vuataki have suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of veteran lawyer Dorsami Naidu for the Presidency of the Fiji Law Society.

The Society had 375 members before its powers and functions of being a regulatory authority was stripped by the dictatorship regime in May following the abrogation of the Constitution.

Sources have confirmed that Rajendra Chaudhy received only 22 votes while Vuataki fared only slightly better with 27 votes.

R P Chaudhry had launched a vigorous campaign to snatch the leadership of the Society and had given media interviews, circulated his manifesto to lawyers via e-mail and also personally campaigned amongst lawyers.

He was banking on majority support after his nomination was signed by senior lawyers Hemendra Nagin and Subhash Parshottam of Suva.

Kitione Vuataki had hoped for support amongst Fijian lawyers who make up more than half of the Law Society's membership.

Regime sympathisers, Ba based lawyer Adish Narayan and former Society President Chen Bunn Young had vigorously campaigned for support for Vuataki, according to sources.

But Dorsami Naidu received considerable support from Fijian lawyers and he attributed this to his principled stand against the interim regime.

The Annual General Meeting of the Society had to be called off after police cancelled a permit that it had issued to the Society.

But voting went ahead for electing office bearers for the ensuing year.


Liu Muri said...

Ha Ha Ha, you speak about principled stand of a lawyer who was caught with his pants down in his office with another woman? How can you claim somebody who cheats on his wife (that includes Mahendra Pal Chaudhary) to have any principled stand? There is no secret about it, as it was widely reported in Fiji papers, hence there is no case of any defamation.

Do you know the saying that if you throw lawyers in shark infested waters, they will not be attacked or bitten? Why? Because of professional courtesy. So do not tell me that any lawyer is principled. This is a profession in Fiji which is least regarded by people, as lawyers are seen as Dracula- the blood suckers of the community, the people that gain from conflict in the community, by getting date after date after date after date. The client gets screwed after screw after screw after screw.

Dorsamy has a conflict of interest by being the head of TISI (South Indian Ethnic Association) and a sympathiser of NFP, so he has led South Indians to oppose the regime. Nothing wrong with that, but what does it do to the Indo Fijian community? Would they be destined to serve another girmit under supposedly democratic regime like Qarase’s?

Anyway, Congratulations, Anna. After all, some sharks are just bigger than the others.

Anonymous said...

Nail on the head Liu Muri. The lawyers admire leaders like Dorsami, he is dishonest, very political, and a close confidante of the Roko Tui Bau gang.The lawyers want a leader who will not discipline them and will cover up for their own corrupt behaviour. His campaign speech was all for dialogue with the Chief justice, but it is all window dressing to get back into power. How can he have dialogue with the judges while simultaneously attacking the judges in the overseas media?

Justice said...

The above commentators are like ostriches with their heads buried in the sand judging from their racist remarks that stink like the regime. Nothing can change the fact that Dorsami inflicted a crushing blow on the Chaudhy dynasty and Vuataki.

The two liumuris should know that one is a son of a man who stole $2 million. The other is a lawyer who played a lead role in the 1987 coups and even tried to foolishly carry out a coup by arming himself with a war club and marching into Radio Fiji in December 1987. Vuataki also has a unstable mind like Bainimarama and was on medication.

The two liumuris can huff and puff or argue till the cows come home (like making racist attacks against South Indians) but nothing will change the fact that Dorsami won fairly and squarely.

The result is a yardstick to measure reputations of tin pots like Chaudhry rightly described by some as a political prostitute and people who cannot be bought by the regime.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what above's problems are? But find it strange being negative critical about engaging in'dialogue'with regime - I mean what are the alternatives?
As for comments about the 'Roko Tui Bau gang'can only sympathise that the writer is not a member.

patrick said...

Did anyone else notice a srange omission in the blog? It doesn't mention how many votes were actually cast? As for the reference to the "gang" by anonymous, why should anyone want to be in any gang? Smacks of insecurity? As for the nasty attack on Vuetaki, he is a better man than you are Gunga Din. (Kipling)

poonam said...

I think Justice misses the point. The issue is not the sins of one's father, nor what the candidates did in 1987. The issue is Naidu's personal dishonesty, double-speak, and political agenda in his leadership of the Law Society. If you say you believe in dialogue, then commence dialogue with a clean heart. Don't pretend to support dialogue while bad-mouthing the opponents in private and public. Too much liu muri aage piche.

Justice said...

Dialogue with whom? Terrorists! All you guys miss the point that is obvious but not visible to you all because of your blinkers. And that is systematic discrimination of Indians - not only in the civil service but private sector.

If Qarase was racist, then son you guys will realise Bainimarama's policies will be smash Indians into pulp. It has already started - to those living abroad, don't wait for your dual citizenship. Hop into a plane and come to Fiji to find out.

Singing from the roof tops is easy - being subjected to the harsh realities of political, religious, social, racial and even economic persecution in the case of sugarcane farmers is not a bad dream or icing on the cake as military backers think.

Within one year the results of Bainimarama's march towards "true and genuine democracy" and "non-racial Fiji" will shine like a blinding white light that even blinkers will not work.

In the meantime, keep on living under illusions.

Anonymous said...

I loath to say that people on this blog are making personal attacks against Naidu and others rather then focusing on the issues we face as a nation. Hitting 'below the belt' against any person isn't going to help us move forward. Naidu was acquitted of all charges which his 'gold digging wife' accused him of so correct me if i am wrong, a person is innocent until he/she is proved guilty by the rule of law. All charges were dropped against him and prosecution was even had to pay Naidu damages. The fact remains that Naidu has the mandate of both 'Fiji Law Society' and of 'TISI Sanagm'. That's why he is their President. Mixing issues of TISI with FLS is something which we do, NOT Naidu. I think people should rather focus on the issues in hand rather then taking 'cheap shots' like these.