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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dual citizenship comes with voting rights

The interim regime has decided to allow former Fiji residents voting rights in future general elections if they obtain dual citizenship.

Under the regime's Citizenship Decree, former Fiji residents who have migrated overseas can now obtain dual citizenship with blue Fiji passports.

Previous constitutions and even the abrogated 1997 Constitution disallowed dual citizenship.

Coupfourpointfive has been told some sections of Fiji's society are not happy saying this is unfair and discriminatory as these former citizens have no interest in Fiji other than to visit relatives or in the case of a few, establish businesses.

A dual citizenship application costs $3500 and currently the interim regime claims about 50 former residents are applying every month for Fiji passports.


Anonymous said...

Anything to top up our depleting coffers!

mark manning said...

Is the purchase of these illegal passports going to be accepted by an elected Government once the coup is over ?
Are these people throwing away good money, just to keep Frank and the Regime operational for the very short term ?

Manju said...

Great policy. It may not compensate for the decades of racist policies and marginalizing of the Indo Fijians which led to their mass migration after 1987, but it will go a long way towards healing the hurt in the hearts of these people. I have never met a single such migrant who did not have a wish to go home to Fiji. Aah, ab laut chalo. (Come. let us go home}.Come home and help to build a new nation.

Anonymous said...

@ Manju.

Along what lines? ie: mean like the Indian dominated (run) sugar industry?

Anonymous said...

When the last Indians finally depart our beloved Islands could someone ensure they take those bloody Mynah birds & that acursed Mongoose?

patrick said...

And thus the bloggers on this blog site are stripped bare. The Indians should leave taking the mynah birds and mongooses (mongeese?) with them? Oh dear, full marks for racial hatred and undemocratic hate speeches!!