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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FDFM reacts to Bainimarama speech

In his address to the United Nations General Assembly, Fiji’s illegal interim prime minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, has once again demonstrated his lack of understanding of what is acceptable or unacceptable to normal, law abiding, civilised societies of the Free World.

Commodore Bainimarama should understand that the Free World totally abhor the actions of aspiring dictators like him that go and overthrow democratically elected governments. He must therefore not expect the Free World to cosy up to him after what he has done.

Bainimarama sounds like a desperate man when he has to resort to the outrageous claims that he had to overthrew the SDL Party-Fiji Labour Party Coalition Government because politicians with links to terrorists were threatening the people of Fiji. The only people threatening the people of Fiji with terror techniques are his very own soldiers who come in the night and take people up to the barracks to torture and beat or even kill like Verebasaga and 19 year old Rabaka.

His constant use of the words “mismanagement”, “corruption” and “nepotism” are beginning to bore us when he says something and does exactly the opposite. If Bainimarama wants to talk mismanagement, he should look no further than his record as Commander of the Fiji Military Forces. A record littered with mismanagement, overblown budget, wastage and corruption as highlighted by the Auditor General’s Report of 2000-2005.

He must also come clean with Epeli Ganilau on their mismanagement of the Regimental Fund that so absurdly led to his appointment as Military Commander in the first place.

Then there is the controversy about the back paid salary paid to him and calculated based on a back date going back thirty years. If it is correct, then Bainimarama should come clean and publicly release the Auditor General’s investigation and report on the case.

Bainimarama dares talk about nepotism when he should put his house in order first. He just need to look at the continued employment of his elder brother Meli Bainimarama, as a senior public servant when he is almost seventy.

Then there is Timoci Bainimarama, over fifty five but still employed as head of the Bureau of Statistics, contravening his government’s policy of the 55 years retirement age in the Fiji Public Service.

Then there are the many senior military officers that supported his 2006 coup and now occupy well paid senior public service positions they are not qualified for or the re-employment of his brother in law Francis Kean as Fiji Naval Commander after serving prison time for manslaughter?

Bainimarama claims that “The basis for the new constitution will be the ideals and principles formulated by the People’s Charter for Change and Progress, a document prepared following widespread consultation with, and input from, the people of Fiji.” The whole world knows that this document was already drafted in New Zealand before the coup and came through the interim government via former interim finance minister and Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudry.

The “widespread consultation and input of the people of Fiji” he claims has again demonstrated Bainimarama’s tendency to make wild claims and lies. How can there be widespread acceptance when major Fijian institutions such as the provincial councils, the Methodist Church and the SDL Party were not involved in the consultation. It is also a well known fact that many people were coerced into signing papers accepting the proposed Charter, especially public servants who faced the threats of being sacked if they refused to sign. There was also no independent audit of those consultation results.

Bainimarama’s claim of Fiji’s peculiar history is utter nonsense. Fiji is about as peculiar as many other multiracial society. The only peculiar thing about Fiji’s history is the Military’s involvement in one form or another in all coups that have taken place, including George Speight’s Coup.

Bainimarama must understand that the only way to resolve Fiji’s ongoing crisis is to return to the barracks, allow a civilian caretaker government to conduct the consultation needed to see whether reforms are needed and ensure these are implemented into the constitution under the ambit of the 1997 Constitution before organising a general election.

People should not take seriously, his repeated claims of Fiji being bullied by Australia and New Zealand. These two countries, if their actions can be interpreted as bullying, are taking actions against Bainimarama’s illegal government, not the Fijian State or the people of Fiji. Bainimarama and his
troops, on the other hand, have demonstrated in the last three years that they do not blink an eye whenever they bully and brutalise any Fijians that dare questions or challenge their actions.

The Australian and New Zealand stand of returning all Fijian soldiers serving in United Nations Mission has been the stand of the Movement from the date of its establishment. After all, the current situation is hypocrisy that borders on the absurd, when you have the very same military personnel that brutalises and bullies the citizens they were armed to protect and then be flown off to some other troubled spots of the world to maintain the peace there!

If Bainimarama is indeed a man of principle and righteousness as he so often likes to portray himself to be, then he should be man enough to return to the barracks and let an independent judiciary legally examine his actions and claims of the last three years. There will only be two outcome from it, jail or legitimisation!

If he does not have the integrity and principles to do that, then he should retreat to the barracks and continue his lectures and wild claims within the confines of his family and soldiers rather than embarrass us all at important places like the UN General Assembly.
Usaia P. Waqatairewa
President, Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement.


mark manning said...

Thanks Peter,
Frank Bainimarama is a coward, good for nothing but reading out other people's pathetic speeches.
He is not an Officer in the traditional sense and has no integrity, nor allegiance to anyone other than Frank Bainimarama.
I just hope that the prison system in Fiji is big enough to accommodate all the people who have committed High Treason.
The beauty of Frank's excuses for the coup is that consequently, he won't be expecting clemency for himself and his fellow coupsters.

Anonymous said...

Well presented! Frank cannt get it to his head that Australia and NZ and other members of the international community are boycotting Fiji by denying them assistance so that they can force this nitwit to return Fiji to elected democracy where the people can make up their own mind how they want to be governed.

The people do not want what Frank is doing when he plays God and thinks that only he knows what is good and what is bad for the Fiji citizens. This is the thinking style of dictators!

Anonymous said...

Usaia.P. Waqatairewa is to be commended for another dazzling treatise on Fiji's ills and the way forward for all true citizens of this nation.

We all long for the return of the SDL and their enlightened policies, which would see the evil dictator jailed and the sorely wronged George Speight freed.

Then we can embark on our sacred mission to cleanse Fiji of non-Melanesians and freehold title, establish a Methodist theocracy and make Laisenia Qarase President for Life.

Then Usaia can change his name from Waqatairewa to Waqamairewa and carry his beautiful high chief across the waters and install her in Government House as Radi Ni Viti.

That is our mission, Fiji, and no two-bit, viavialevu dictator sprouting veka from his high horse at the United Nations is going to stop us.

Vinaka vakalevu, Usaia, for dreaming the dream we all share and sharing your wisdom with us!

siti said...

The comments on this blog are scary. Is this Waqatairewa person serious? Surely not? Does he really think that the people of Fiji will abandon their hopes for a stable and fair Fiji, allow Frank to be judicially "judges" no doubt by Daniel Fatiaki or Madraiwiwi, and will accept the evil and corruption to triumph again under his chiefly supporters? Nice one Waqatairewa. you do not belong to the real world. Your nationalist and racist ways are no longer needed or wanted in Fiji. And please don't insult democracy by pretending you are a democrat. Mugabe and his racism is more your line.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, here you are again, banging on about High Treason. Oi, why the capitals tau?

Shouldn't the H and T be lower case in this instance? Or would that imply low treason and be a lesser crime in your own mind and those of your many admirers?

You and Pita W have more than just a mutual admiration for each other. You have the same fondness for using exclamation marks in your correspondence when an unadorned statement would suffice.

Extravagant hyperbole, Mark, will get you nowhere. You have a compelling argument to put and should steer clear of the declamatory style traditionally used by the very dictators you purport to oppose.

We all need clear heads in this struggle and don't need to be pumped up unduly by someone whose head has been so demonstrably turned by all the female attention he gets as a fearless crusader for democracy.

Liu Muri said...

Ha Ha Ha, Usaia P. Waqatairewa, well said, Karua. Where were you when the elitist Fijians and hangers on of the alliance government raped democracy and Kuboubola and gang, together with elements of Methodist Church,
Great Council of Chiefs and "Children of 1987" again raped democracy in 2000. If you live by guns, you die by it, the law of the world.

So, sob,, sob,,, sob now, when the shoe is on the other foot.Those who frenzied, rejoiced and danced on the corpse of democracy in 1987 and 2000 have no moral right to cry now. Thou shalt reap as you plant.
Those who were participants or stood by silently when democracy was raped in 1987 and 2000 just because Fijians were supposed to be the beneficiaries, hard luck, you helped in planting a coup culture and we shall all suffer together. So, stop sobbing, Karua.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Waqatairewa must have struck a few raw nerves and it seems the truth hurts.

The guy was merely stating the truth and here you all go attacking him rather than debate the subject.

No wonder Fiji is all fcuk up.

joape said...

Isn't the point that Waqatairewa was silent when democracy was removed in 2000, therefore the moral basis of his tantrums and holier than thou attitude now is a little difficult to stomach?
If Little Red Riding Hood married the Big Bad Wolf in 2000, she can't complain 9 years later that he is behaving like a wolf?

Crosbie Walsh said...


This is a genuine question. You state "The whole world knows" the People's Charter was written before the 2006 coup. One of my readers thinks as you do but has no evidence to back his claim. Can you help by providing some evidence? I'd be happy to publish your response on my blog if you can do so.

Kind regards,

Crosbie Walsh


joape said...

There is no evidence. In fact most allegations made about the government are not based not evidence, but on rumour, gossip and speculation. The only valid point this blog makes is that Bainimarama's brothers are re-appointed after retiring age which may smack of nepotism unless there are a lot of other civil servants in the same category.

Anonymous said...

John Samy a key shadowy figure
October 7, 2008
John Samy’s good boy and innocent looks can be very deceiving. The guy who conceived baby charter by forcefully raping the freedom of Fiji citizens is turning out to be one of Frank’s misleading and poisonous key advisor. Our sources say that John Samy’s charter is a document that was already prepared well before the coup happened and that he was very instrumental in convincing Frank together with the Shameem sisters, Mahendra Chaudhry, Jokapeci Koroi and others to execute the coup of 05.12.06. In actual fact, Samy gave a detailed brief and a charter copy to Frank only a few days before the coup as he nudged the otherwise fool-hearted Frank to commit treason.

The story is that Frank was bothered with the thought of taking over the responsibilities of running the nation but it was Samy and his charter who played a major role in convincing Frank that he should not worry about anything. Samy’s roadmap to Frank’s own freedom at the expense of the people of Fiji’s freedom was already drafted and ready to be promulgated. The charter was meant to serve as Frank’s manifesto for the rest of his breathing life and that is exactly what Frank and John Samy’s real motive is.

Sources added that John Samy, who is a well known Fiji Labor Party supporter had previously sold the charter concept to Chaudhry who saw it as a convenient political solution to his unhealthy political obsession. It was under the strength of Chaudhry’s acceptance of the charter that gave John Samy the impetus to approach Frank directly with his proposal stamped with Chaudhry and the FLP’s support. Sami is said to have brokered the deal to include Chaudhry and his FLP people to serve under Frank’s regime as executionists of the charter. This move culminated in Frank and Chaudhry’s secret holiday at Turtle Island Resort just before the coup. But as reality has shown, all these happened with the exception that Chaudhry has now changed tune and has become the strongest advocate against the charter after his expulsion from cabinet. Pramesh Chand is heard to have said that it was John Samy himself who nagged Frank to remove Chaudhry after Chaudhry and his FLP began to usurp the charter concept as their own. Samy was annoyed at the thought of losing his baby charter to Chaudhry as the public started associating the charter with Chaudhry and his FLP. It was important for Samy to get rid of Chaudhry as his long hours of compiling the charter was slowly slipping into the hands of the FLP whom he knew would spin him into oblivion minus his $12,000 a month consultancy fee. A charter war exploded between the two FLP members, Samy and Chaudhry and Samy came out the winner. Now, the war is still continuing but this time, it is between Samy and Pramesh Chand.

Anonymous said...

Lovely fairy story Anonymous. High on speculation and low(non-existent in fact) on evidence.High fat, low protein!!Never mind, you must have got orgasmic writing all those lovely words1