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Friday, September 25, 2009

Fiji UN peacekeepers to get the chop

The New Zealand Herald has reported that United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has told NZ Prime Minister John Key that some reduction will occur in numbers of Fiji troops engaged as peacekeepers.

Key met Ban Ki Moon in New York during the 64th General Assembly of the UN that finished today.

Frank Bainimarama has also traveled to New York to deliver his 3rd address before the UN General Assembly.

According to the NZ Herald, Key raised the issue of the UN using Fiji troops as peacekeepers saying New Zealand was opposed to this UN policy.

In the past few weeks Bainimarama has been frustrated when asked to comment on Australia and New Zealand's move to lobby the UN to cut Fiji troops serving on peacekeeping duties.

He has told both Fiji and overseas journalists that John Key and Australian PM Kevin Rudd should first think if reducing Fiji troops would help the Maoris and Aborigines.


Anonymous said...

Which one was Bainimarama and which one was Libya's Gaddafi?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that comment about what good would FMF's UN redundancy be for the Maoris or Aborigines is just a total laughing matter for those who have to painfully listen to it.

Arggggggghhhh! Someone just tackle the idiot already.

mark manning said...

It will be interesting to see if support for Frank and Co. by these disloyal bunch of money hungry, cowardly Soldiers continues now that the sugar train is finally coming to a screeching halt !
The once fine reputation of the RFMF has been tarnished forever by those Officers and Soldiers still in the Military and it will be interesting indeed to see if they are willing to wrest back that reputation or if it's just money that drives them.

Anonymous said...

Frank can't seem to understand why Australia and NZ are lobbying against Fiji's participaton in UN Peacekeeping Forces. He is so thick that he does not realise that these countries are trying to put pressure on him to take Fiji back to elected government and respect for the rule of law.

He asks instead what has Australia and NZ to gain from stopping Fiji's troops from being engaged by the UN. Can you get any thicker?

Voreqe you take the country back to rulew of law and the UN would increase its intake for its peacekeepers. Get it?

Frank please understand the term "peacekeepers". It means keeping the peace-not destroying it through coups and military dictatorship!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is what is called by the "ellite" who are his bosses, who are really running the show, "a USEFUL IDIOT."

Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with the Maoris and Aborigines. It has a lot to do with us Fijans and it seems Australia and NZ has more concern for us then you Voreqe luveni kawa ca!!!

Anonymous said...

Shoot hiom already

jordon said...

Do Australia and New Zealand want the rule of law? Or do they want the return of the old Qarase type government so that PACER and PACER Plus can be pushed on to The Pacific Islanders with no questions asked? Come on. Australia, which treats its native population with a flagrant disregard for UN standards, which refused until recently to sign the Kyoto Protocol, which excluded unsympathetic journalists from the Forum meeting in Cairns just two months ago, and which invaded Iraq in breach of all international law?? Australia is suddenly interested in the rule of law?!! Yeah right! As for New Zealand, I will give that country credence in its stand on Fiji, when it invites the Delai Lama on an official visit to Wellington.
The policies of these countries are dictated by economic considerations, not by principle. Sorry.I will believe in their "principles" when they find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Shut the gate!
Although a good move believe the damage has already been done. Continually exposing Fijian soldiers too the culture of middle eastern violence will not help our quest for a future coup free Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ Jordon.
Find your ranblings both amusing & outdated. Both these coutries operate under rule of law - case you havent heard? AUS has signed the Kyoto Protocol - citezens changed the goverment (something denied Fiji). As for your comment
about unsympathetic journalists being 'denied access in Cairns' - thats bullshit - I know becaus I was there - nobody was denied.
As for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq - Saddam refused UN inspectors access - admit they did'nt find any - but that was a chance some were not prepared to take - he gambled - he lost.
As for these countries being dominated by economic considerations - that how it works - jobs jobs jobs.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe what Frank said to the UN "We respect the right of anyone who disagree with us to exercise their freedom.

If there is to be genuine dialogue,…..there must be a willingness to listen, to respect a different point of view.

My government is committed to upholding the principles and values contained in the Charter of the United Nations, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and other UN Conventions. We are determined and committed to the elimination of all policies and legislations that are inconsistent with our international obligations.

Anonymous said...

Isa, does this mean that these soldiers will end up selling themselves on the streets? Most of them are doing it anyway, for free! No wonder there is a rise in HIV cases in their midst.

Anonymous said...

Can't understand what the impass within FMF is? Everyone & his dog realises Frank's going down a path leading nowhere? He won't get immunity - fairly sure they will though.

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