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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Francis Narayan backstabs Bainimarama

In what is a typical case of "No Honour amonst Thieves", New Zealand citizen Francis Narayan who was forced out of his lucrative $160,000 a year consultancy for Fiji National Provident Fund has been extremely critical of his former friend Frank Bainimarama.

Sources say on 29th August, the Auckland based Friends of Fiji Heart Foundation held a fundraising function at Lynfield Recreation Hall in Auckland.

Amongst the 250 people present were Reserve Bank of Fiji Governor Sada Reddy who tried to make his presence discreet, Francis Narayan and the Peoples Charter architect John Samy.

Sources have told us Narayan, upon seeing Reddy, started venting his anger at Bainimarama, describing the army commander as an idiot.

He told other guests around him Bainimarama knew nothing abount finance and that the country was being run by Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and John Prasad.

Sayed-Khaiyum is the interim Attorney-General while Prasad is the Finance Permanent Secretary, Chairman of Fiji National Provident Fund, Chairman of Fiji Development Bank and sits on other statutory boards. He is a very close friend of the interim A-G.

Sources say Narayan told guests that Fiji is going down the drain and that FNPF will lose $100 million from the now failed Momi Bay development.

Narayan continued that both he and John Samy were much better than Reddy and Prasad and accused Bainimarama of comparing Reddy and Prasad highly over them.

Sources say Narayan cannot digest the fact that others are now profiteering illegally instead of him.

He was praiseworthy of Bainimarama when part of the regime.

Narayan was also booted out of his position as the executive chairman of the Fiji Trade and Investment Bureau.


Anonymous said...

What do you think Francis? When you mix with these thugs, expect to be rear-ended especially when you sleep with liars and crooks!

Anonymous said...

If further proof was needed that Bainimarama & friends in the ruling MC are setting up the Indians as sacrificial scapegoats here it is.

Anonymous said...

Duh! 'Bainimarama knew nothing about finance'.

Of course he does'nt - he's a sailor.

Anonymous said...

Yes Anon @ 9.28am. Frank is only good enough to be a boat crew with his qualification. That is why he is making a mess of the country's economy. Wasting the people's hard earned tax money!

mark manning said...

I'm amazed at how these criminals can continue to hold a straight face as they continue to commit high Treason etc.
The Lawyers who originally advised the Fiji Military, should be arrested as should Frank , his immediate supporters and anyone who accepted postings under this Regime.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured M&M - one day they will be...

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Manning.

Original army lawyer (officer) who informed Frank his actions were blatently illegal was booted - now selling fish in Levuka.