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Thursday, September 10, 2009

John Prasad faces scrutiny

The Permanent Secretary for Finance, New Zealand citizen John Prasad has been asked by the Public Service Commission to submit his formal qualifications and work experience.

Sources say last week PSC Chairman Josefa Serulagilagi summoned Prasad and asked him to present his CV and academic qualifications to PSC as soon as possible.

According to sources Prasad, a very close ally of interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, went to military dictator Frank Bainimarama and informed him that Serulagilagi was asking him to submit his formal record.

Bainimarama reportedly told Prasad to comply with the PSC directive.

Prasad claims he has a Masters in Business Administration.

But whether it is from a recognised university is unknown.

Sources say even a formal MBA does not make Prasad qualified to hold the position of Finance Permanent Secretary.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I am sure there will be nothing spectacular in that CV of John Prasad.

Locals would have better CVs and are more qualified for that position as Permanent Secretary of Finance.

This man's recent actions just clearly shows that he knows nothing about corporate governance, the role of Boards in a corporate set up, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

Got to ask why the NZ goverment hasn't placed a travel embargo on this carpetbagger?

Anonymous said...

- try pass school certificate first
- rewa diary lab technican
- missing in action in nz
- permanent secretary for finance
- fdb chairman
- wanting to be fnpf ceo

only in fiji this can happen! kick his butt there are more well qualified, experienced and deserving people than this one!

Anonymous said...

Obviously not qualified - out of his depth -
doesn't know what he's doing - probably the main reason they hired him?

Anonymous said...

No one is allowed to be smarter than the big boss, otherwise the boss will be seen to be a dumb, stupid, erratic, raving idiot,lunatic and a damn fool in front of his people and the whole world. Next weeks cabinet will agreed that a docto-rat degree will be conferred to Vore to make up for his being busy at his work in the Navy that he was not able to sit for his Fiji Junior, School certificate, UE, etc, and boci Aziz will calculate all the fees that he would have paid to school to be refunded as part of this award. Idi Amin did it.