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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A marriage of convenience

Coupfourpointfive has been told Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry has jumped into bed with his political enemy Laisenia Qarase for his personal interest.

In an article written by Chaudhry in July, he blamed Qarase for bringing upon himself and the nation the military coup of December 2006.

The article titled "Dealing with Perceptions and Prejudices" is posted on the website of Australian National University's State Society and Governance in Melanesia.

In the article Chaudhry hits out at University of the South Pacific academic and one time Chaudhry and FLP supporter Dr Vijay Naidu. Naidu had written about the consequences of the coup for the FLP.

Chaudhry accuses Qarase of not consulting the FLP leadership during the shortlived reign of the multi-party Cabinet after the 2006 elections.

He writes the FLP was not in the multi-party cabinet to rubber-stamp Qarase's etho-nationalistic and anti-people policies.

Chaudhry also says he never said the 2006 coup was warranted and says the FLP instead had denounced the 2006 coup.

But two weeks after the coup Chaudhry had legitimised the overthrow of democracy by pointing out many reasons why the coup was justified. And a month later three senior FLP members Chaudhry, Poseci Bune and Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi became interim ministers in Frank Bainimarama's regime.

Sources say if Chaudhry is now genuine about working towards returning Fiji to democracy as soon as possible by working with Qarase, his latest article after the formation of the alliance confirms that he is using Qarase to further his own political interest.

It also confirms that his anti-regime comments are hollow and full of hot air.


Anonymous said...

Chaudhry's real test will come when he has to face his electorate & right now he would'nt win if he stood against a corpse.

Anonymous said...

Dammed if he does & dammed if he does'nt.

Pretty safe bet that when a democratic goverment is returned Chaudhry will be facing charges.

mark manning said...

Any blind fool can see what Chaudhry is up to !
If he really cares about Fiji and it's citizens, he should resign altogether, he is after all, a spent force in Fiji and of no significance.
The SDL party, if it has even bothered to engage this man, has shown it's desperation also and in fairness to all, maybe it's time Mr. Qarase stepped down also.
The time has come for someone in fiji to show true leadership, but by resigning, it automatically puts the ball back in the Regime's court and Fiji's future, in the hands of the citizens of Fiji.
Chaudhry and Qarase would no longer be the scapegoats for Frank's failed policies etc.
In fact, Chaudhry and Qarase would be better off in private enterprise and living in another country altogether.

Anonymous said...

The situation right now, leaders must put a side their differences and focus for the common good of the people. In this case, focus on returning Fiji to Parliamentary Democracy or in other words returning the political football field to the politicians so they can continue their game of political football. All other alternatives are better than being ruled by Baini, a St Giles Case!!!

Anonymous said...

"better off in private enterprise and living in another country". Why would Chaudhry immigrate when he can do what he does best here? (steal). Besides right now apart from India nobody would take him - also would imagine that at the restoration of democratic goverment he will be facing some pretty serious charges. Qarase? After what he's gone thru Vunuambalavu must be an option?