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Saturday, September 5, 2009

NFP labels suspension shameful

Fiji's oldest political party in Fiji says the nation's two key parties are at last realising their future - and that of the country - lies in a return to democracy.

The National Federation Party was the main Opposition Party in the early 90s but was wiped out by the Fiji Labour Party in 1999.

NFP President Raman Singh, says both the Labour Party of Mahendra Chaudry and the SDL Party of Laisenia Qarase, gained from supporting the 2006 coup.

The NFP President says interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama is leading the regime into a well and truly power hungry dictatorship to entrench itself in power for as long as possible.

He says if Bainimarama has the welfare of the nation at heart, then he will enter into genuine political dialogue with all stakeholders to rescue Fiji from what he calls a quagmire.

He concludes that the onus is on Bainimarama to either redeem himself or find himself as a King without a Kingdom.


Anonymous said...

Find it hypocritical that Raman Singh publicly accuses other political parties of benefiting from endemic coup culture? Call it payback - karma - but it seems a pretty safe bet that the NFP will inflict on its main rival the exact same it suffered....Then some...

Anonymous said...

Im intrigued by Rama's claim that Qarase's SDL gained from supporting the 2006 coup. How so?