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Monday, September 21, 2009

Police crusade ropes in civil service

The Public Service Commission is unaware that civil servants from various departments will be part of a nationwide Police Christian Crusade next month.

Both PSC Chairman Josefa Serulagilagi and Permanent Secretary Parmesh Chand say they have not been informed of the above plan by Police.

Police Deputy Director of Operations Irami Raibe says The Navy, Education Ministry, Youth & Sports Ministry and the Prisons Service will join the Police Force next month to target youth involved in criminal activities.

Sources say this is further proof of the New Methodist Church, which is behind the Crusade, infiltrating the civil service.

The Church is headed by Atu Vulaono whose elder brother Esala Teleni is Police Commissioner.


  1. Not really a surprise because the left hand of this so called government doesn't know what the right hand is doing...

  2. Would it be so hard for the Police to do what they are employed to do and that is to try and solve crimes and reduce the crime rate or is the Polices new role to try and evangelise the public of Fiji.PLease stick to what you're been employed to do...

  3. The directive to attend these crusades come from high up and people will be disciplined if they do not attend!

    Sound familiar?

  4. Jesus Christ came to love the world and that people might come to love Him and recieve Him as the greatest gift of all. the way this guys are going about this crusade is a shame on the gospel, because people are forced to listen and be involved.

  5. This IS so sick. Atu and Teleni are in this because they now love the power, the glory and the moolah that comes with it! How can you explain the automatic deduction of 10% tithe from the policemens wages , and directly deposited into Atu's church account. They are after the $$$$. Now they will most probably force the Civil Service into submission to their cult and force the civil servants to have automatic 10% tithe deductions into the New Methodist coffers...we're talking, hundreds and thousands of $$$$.....SOMEONE GET A SNIPER AND POT SHOT THE BROTHERS ATU AND TELENI...THEY NEED TO BE WIPED OUT!


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