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Friday, September 18, 2009

Politics not part of dictator's agenda

While opening the pre-2010 Budget public and private sector consultative forum in Suva, the regime's interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama proclaimed politics, political parties and politicians will not be part of his regime's agenda for the next three years.

Bainimaama told the gathering that the agenda until the start of the consultations on a new Constitution in September 2012, will be bringing in dynamism to the economy and the commercial sector.

He expects to achieve dynamism and modernisation by asking employers to work with his regime by taking a holistic approach.

Bainimarama failed to state the possible areas that his regime will be targeting to achieve economic growth.

There was no mention of how fundamentals like infrastructure and increasing investor confidence would be achieved by his dictatorship in the absence of democracy.

It was obvious Bainimarama and his policy advisors were clueless on how to rejuvenate the economy and increase the confidence of the people already struggling to cope with rising inflation.


Anonymous said...


Mans incapable of fixing the Sigatoka Bridge?

Been down for how long now?

Anonymous said...

A case of the Blind trying to lead the Blind (no disrespect to blind people).

ex Fiji tourist said...

"""Govt cannot do anything-AG"""

See Fijivillage for details.

Never has there been a truer headline.

Anonymous said...

He does not want to involve Politicians, Politics, and Political Parties but isn't he dealing with state affairs by definition is playing politics.

Imagine, like someone in full military attire walks into a rugby field, chase all that know rugby out but wants to play rugby, then with who? He wants to play rugby but not with rugby players. He wants to set new rules but with those who know nothing of rugby rules.

Total ridiculous, complete non-sense and full of rubbish.

Anonymous said...

These thugs are too busy looking after there own interests to actually even think or try to run a govt. YAVU ULU LALA..