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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pro regime media don't believe in suspension

Fiji's pro-regime media, the Fiji Sun newspaper and State owned Radio Fiji say they will await official notification from the Commonwealth to Fiji before confirming the nation's full suspension.

This is despite the fact that the statement regarding the suspension is on the Commonwealth website and has been reported by regional and international media.

Meanwhile Fiji Times and Fiji Television were apparently prevented by the regime's censors from carrying reports about the suspension.

Fiji TV's news bulletin on Wednesday did not have any stories about the suspension or reactions from stakeholders.

The Fiji Times edition on Thursday also did not have any stories.

On Thursday evening, Fiji TV carried a brief report about the suspension, reporting on the statement from Commonwealth Secretary General Kamlesh Sharma.


mark manning said...

There is an old song that aptly describes the Regime of Frank Bainimarama, starts @ 1 minute & 40 seconds :-

Anonymous said...

Comm suspension.

Another sacrifice before the alter of egotistical mismanagement...Sport along with religion have always been traditionally dangerous political waters...

Anonymous said...

Check this out for hypocritical?

Epeli Ganilau has just told the French News agency that Fiji's suspension was -- wait for it -- 'a necesary sacrifice that must be made'.

Guess perspectives lie in who's doing the sacrificing & who's being sacrificed?