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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Regime bans Fiji TImes

The civil service departments under various interim ministries have been ordered not to buy copies of the Fiji Times newspaper and cancel their advertising contracts.

Radio Legend FM news is eporting that the directive has been issued by Public Service Commission chairman, Parmesh Chand, via a circular.

Those departments that subscribe to the Fiji Times have been ordered to seek refunds for the remainder of the subscription term. If they are unable to do this, then the subscription should not be renewed.

Furthermore, all departments and interim ministries have been asked to cease publication of advertisements and notices in the Fiji Times with immediate effect. This means that notices about planned water supply disruptions, temporary road closures, tenders, vacancies, expressions of interest for promissory notes, vehicle auctions, speeches and press releases of interim ministers will no longer be published as advertisements in the Fiji Times.

The Times is the country's oldest newspaper and last week celebrated its 140th birthday. It is by far the most widely read newspaper in Fiji and the regime's decision will mean members of the public are likely to incur the extra cost of another newspaper for information about civil service.

Not satisfied with absolute media censorship, the regime is hell-bent on inflicting further punishment on both the Fiji Times and its readership. No explanation has been given for this idiotic move.


Anonymous said...

Big men with small brains! Trying to dictate what the media reports-this is dictatorshp at its worst!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will finally convince the NewsCorp executives cocooned in their Ivory NY office to get serious with these buffoons?