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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another permanent secretary put on leave

Fiji's Public Service Commission has confirmed to the local media that Permanent Secretary for Works and Transport, Anand Kumar, has been sent on leave and that the regime's Solicitor-General is looking at his investigation file to decide what charges can be laid.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that Kumar has been essentially suspended. Sources say he was investigated with other personnel at Land Transport Authority after allegations surfaced he reportedly had full knowledge of acceptance of bribery by certain Local Government officials employed at municipal council level, as well as senior LTA personnel, in return for taxi permits.

We have been told that some of those recently sacked by LTA are innocent and were given the boot for no reason. They say it was also to divert attention from the bribery scandal certain personnel were profiteering from.

Further suspensions and even sackings are expected, including the LTA personnel believed to have been involved in the racket.

Editor's Note: Anand Kumar was employed as General Manager Finance at Land Transport Authority before he was forced to resign after being caught for financial abuse, in 2003.

Sources say that Kumar went to Sydney with his family after losing his LTA job and returned to Fiji about six months after the December 2006 coup to take up the job of Permanent Secretary for Works and Transport.


Anonymous said...

Who sacked him?

Who is the current Transport minister?

Maybe these people are finally getting people in place who are actually interested in "clean up".

Of course, since it was the "clean up" coup that actually put Kumar in back in place in the first instance, all they are really doing at this stage is to "clean up" their OWN mess.

Once that process reaches Frank and Teleni and Aziz and Ganilau and the other military "harvesters", then it will be truly complete.

Anonymous said...

That's right Anon! Once the process reaches Frank and his puppets we will restart from the beginning ie Put Frank and Co in jail and re-establish the democratic process.

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