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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bainimarama points fingers at power brokers

In his address to the 64th General Assembly of the United Nations last weekend, coup leader and military dictator Frank Bainimarama claimed that during Fiji's post colonial period (ie since 1970), the old elite attached to previous government destablized the new government to replace the old government.

Bainmarama claimed the old elite benefited financially from the previous establishment government that had lost.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that Bainimarama has pointed the finger at parties who lost power or elections for fully backing military coups.

We have been told that those who support Bainimarama should accept that according to the dictator:

a) Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara and his Alliance Party, which ruled Fiji for 17 years until 1987, destabilized Dr Timoci Bavadra's NFP/FLP Coalition Government in May 1987 after losing the general elections tha year.
b) Sitiveni Rabuka and his successor as SVT leader Ratu Inoke Kubuabola Iwho is part of the current regime), backed George Speight's coup. It also means Bainimarama supported the coup when he abrogated the Constitution and failed to return Mahendra Chaudhry and Labour Party to power after his government as toppled by George Speight.
c) In December 2006, Mahendra Chaudhry who had lost the elections to Laisenia Qarase and SDL, as well as Ratu Epeli Ganilau - who were backed by the military, destabilized Qarase's government by using Bainimarama to carry out the coup.

Sources say this interpretation is logical and factual, based on Bainimarama's claims to the UN. They say it is for those linked to the leaders implicated by Bainimarama to challewnge the validity of his statement.


Anonymous said...

Is this guy for real? If you look closely at Baini's speech, it was a very oblique reference to the undesirability of anyone in Fiji having the notion of some divine right to rule.

Where did he "point the finger" at Ratu Mara? Only in your dreams you ulu kau.

Bainimarama governs with the consent and encouragement of a gaggle of Ratu Mara's children and their spouses.

By their account, he's the inheritor of the Mara mantle of a multiracial Fiji as opposed to the indigenous supremacy pursued by his opponents.

If Coup Four and A Half wants to run this kind of drivel, at least make sure it has a modicum of credibility. We get our intelligence insulted more than enough by other bloggers.

You have some valuable insights on this site but this isn't one of them.

Liu Muri said...

I do not see anything wrong with these statements. Yes, Fijians had always beleived that they had-God given divine rights to rule Fiji- forever, either with or without democracy. Yes, Ratu Mara Regime and hangers on and the elitist Fijians, Methodist Church and elements of Great Council of Chiefs all were involved in rape of democracy in 1987 and 2000. How ironical for them to be sobbing for the same democracy now, when the shoe is on the other foot, and they are no longer in a position to manipulate Military Forces for their ulterior political and ethno-nationalist motives.
While Mahendra Chaudhary may be implicated in 2006 event, I am not convinced he weilded enough clout to have his ways with the Military. So, he may have just jumped on the gravy train to get even with those who had turned the guns on his governments in the past. You shall reap as you plant - that is the law of the world.

Anonymous said...

It was a result of the recommendaiton of a child of one of "those powers" (i.e. Epeli Ganilau) that got Frank the military head position when there were other deserving and more senior officers.

The thing with this idiot is that he has his foot in his mouth every time he speaks.

Anonymous said...

@ Liu Muri.

Staggered that anyone could even remotely defend Chaudhry?
Also puzzled? Why is it when an transplanted alien culture such as yours attempts a cultural takeover its called democracy - yet when the indigenous people resist you call it ethno nationalist racism?

Navosavakadua said...

Thank you Anonymous@maraclanhq.con.fj, You've confirmed many suspicions.

You say Baini rules with "the consent and encouragement of a gaggle of Ratu Mara's children and their spouses".

Who did you think you're kidding? Baini tolerates you because he thought in early 2007 you could add legitimacy to a military junta. But it's obvious he's got a new source of legitimacy in mind - the Sayed-Khaiyum Roadmap.

As for the "mantle" of Ratu Mara's multi-racialism, your credentials are completely phony.

If you support Ratu Mara's legacy explain the ethno-nationalist VLV, trying to re-introduce Sunday bans so that non-Christians would be forced conform to one version of Christianity?

And explain the fact that Ratu was forced from the office of President by his son in law.

We, the lewenivanua, were offended by the attacks on your father's character. He devoted his life to the people and expected nothing in return. But you people think the country owes you a living.


Anonymous said...

Lewenivanua - think the Lauans have problems? Least Ratu Mara had character & principles - our Ganilau's just an out & out thief -of both land & money - & he wasn't (isn't)even good at that.

manju said...

A transplanted alien culture?

"We do not wear upon our sleeves,
That damning star of shame,
But need we symbols to believe,
We're Jews in all but name?"

Raymond Pillay

Anonymous said...

Your not a Jew in Europe Manju - your an "Indian" in Fiji.