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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bainimarama thanks Fiji's Indian community on Diwali

The interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama has thanked the country's Indian community for their contribution to the nation.

In a message to mark Diwali, Bainimarama thanked Indians for the "colour, excitement and joy" they brought to Fiji's communities.

"You have made our nation culturally vibrant and rich in its diversity. And for that we shall be forever grateful," he said.

Bainimarama said his government would remain steadfast in its vision for the nation.

"The trials of darkness that the few in the local and international community seek to subject our nation to, will be challenged and overcome," he said.

Bainimarama said the people of Fiji must accept and respect that there is a reason and purpose for their being together as “a people of one nation and with one destiny”.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen such a fulsome expression of appreciation by an indigenous Fijian for the contribution of Indians to the country's development.
Such comments may be only symbolic but they send a powerful message to everyone.
Contrast this with the accompanying moan from Mahen Chaudhry about not being able to get his own Diwali message through the media.
If Chaudhry had followed the lead of his enlightened predecessor Jai Ram Reddy in addressing indigenous Fijians vakaturaga, maybe a lot of the trauma of the last few years could have been avoided.
Whatever you think of Frank Bainimarama, this Diwali message shows that his desire for multiracial harmony is genuine.
The quality of the language indicates more than just lip service.

Anonymous said...

Be warned Anon - a Hydra with a Serpents tongue.

mark manning said...

Nothing Frank Bainimarama says is heartfelt or honest.
The man is a thief and murderer, incapable of grace, honesty , sincerity or loyalty.
He is incapable of stringing more that half a dozen words together and to hear someone on this site actually defend him and believe that he is even remotely capable, is , quite frankly, beyond belief.
But it does show that Frank's supporters are gullible, uneducated and equally asinine as Frank Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Are wah! This man speaks with forked tongue!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon at 1:40pm

How many times does Voreqe has to tell lies before you will realise that he does not mean anything he says? He only reads what has been prepared for him. I guess some people will never ever learn.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:40pm

One swallow does not a summer make ...

Just because Frank has spoken something halfway genuine for once, doesn't change his track record. Or his prime motivation. Or his general approach.

If there's one thing that Frank has proven time and again since 2006, it is that the end always justifies the means.

That means he will do or say whatever he needs to in order to secure his end goal (ie. success of his coup, and his own personal safety from the law)

So far from being more than just lip service, all this proves is that Frank has simply become more adept at pressing the buttons he needs to press in order to get certain peoples eyes and minds off his own sins and shortcomings. It's the old three card trick - distraction is the key.

The proof of the pudding of course, is not in the talking. It's in the eating. So let us see how well his deeds match up with his words on his appreciation of Indian efforts and labours in the Sugar Industry.

Will he, for example, allow his own fine words to sway him to help Indian small-holder farmers stay in the industry. Or will he just allow them to be swept away in the rush to solve the current self-inflicted crisis via restructure into large mechanized farms?

I think we already know the answer to that.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, I'd imagine you'd base your claim that Frank B is a thief on your contention that he now holds power illegally, even though the 2006 coup was categorised as lawful for some 18 months.
But where's the evidence that he's a murderer?
Are you basing this wild and ludicrous accusation on what happened during the mutiny of 2000 or is there some other dastardly deed Frank has perpetrated that only you know about?
Yes, several people appear to have been killed unlawfully immediately following the mutiny, though not by Frank, and others have been killed unlawfully in detention.
But please tell us all when and where Frank B
has committed murder himself?
This kind of absurd smear does you no credit and makes you a distinct liability in the campaign to restore democratic rule to Fiji.
Frank B is guilty of enough crimes and misdemeanours without adding murder to the list and undermining the credibility of the pro-democracy movement.
If you can't stick to the facts, bugger off.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon.

Hit the nail on the head - RESTRUCTURING.

Mechanized farming = revenue = massive land grab = social upheaval = ??? Boy o boy...

Anonymous said...

Frank murdered one of the CRW soldiers his very own self.

This is distinct from ordering others to murder them. He actually picked up a rock and smashed his head, and the guy died from those injuries.

He was seen doing that by his own troops and by other CRW soldiers. The pathology report on the CRW deaths also bears that out.

This whole useless and costly coup was done to avoid having to face a court of law for those crimes. All this talk about cleanup and reform is a flat-out lie.

But none of that will change the fact that Frank will have to face justice for those crimes eventually. Either in an independent court of law this life. Or in the Court of Courts, in front of the Judge of Judges in the next one. No amount of guns or thugs will change that fact.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at no. 7, Frank does not need to murder in the physical sense, he just gives the order and his goons do it you idiot!!!

That was why two CRWs that were not at the seen when the 2000 mutiny happened were picked up later on and murdered.

If he was innocent then why did he not allow cases against him be heard and undergo the test of a judicial hearing.

Anonymous said...

Oi, you say Frank murdered one of the CRW boys by smashing his head with a rock. When and where?

This is just typical. State something like this as bald fact when there's no concrete evidence whatsoever that Frank killed anyone.

Even if he did,a commanding officer like him has the right to resort to summary execution in the event of mutiny and the killing of his troops.

But it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

All this rubbish about murder does the pro- democracy movement no good at all. It also undermines what many of us are trying to do by reason and measurement. Racist attacks, crude and untruthful attacks on Bainimarama, and wild accusations make us look silly. Please Mark Manning, if you are not a citizen of Fiji, find some other worthy cause to support in your own country, like the equal treatment of Aboriginals, or the the passing of laws in accordance with Australia's obligations under the international Refugee Conventions. Let the pro-democracy movement in Fiji fight this battle with the military on intelligent terms.

Anonymous said...

This is a man who is consistent only in his inconsistencies. He is also ever-changing in his moods and about the people he likes. If he was really committed to respect for the Indians in Fiji, why is Kubuabola his new best friend? A known racist and nationalist, and a Rabuka man through and through?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:34 18/10!

When are you media cell guys going to learn not to ask questions that you don't already know the answer to? You are embarrassing your fearful leader with all these leading questions!

Now we can see by your panicky reaction that there must be something to these accusations as you are suddenly trying to hide behind the smokescreen of details.

Same goes for your claims about summary execution - see you are already changing your story and your plea.

Instead, why don't you just go and read the Geneva Conventions regarding prisoners of war? You should know that the UN peace-keeping jobs that you guys covet so much will not be given to criminals who ignore those Conventions.

In any case, you guys would not be subject to this kind of speculation if you had just allowed Frank his day in court. But since you chose not to - and committed treason to do it - don't complain that this is happening since that is exactly what will happen in such circumstances.

Satya Sharma said...

The recent Nav Ratri and Eid were followed by Diwali last week end, and Christmas is around the corner. We are fortunate in Fiji to be able to celebrate a wide range of festivals – social, cultural and religious. They all bring joy, excitement, renewed friendship and better understanding and stronger ties among family members, relatives, neighbors and communities.
On such occasions messages from Government, religious leaders and other worthy citizens with wisdom give us new hopes, encouragements and inspirations to carry on in the path of righteousness for the betterment of self, family, community , the Nation and the world in fact. After all the entire world is a small village – “vasundhra kutumbakum”.

Commodore Bainimarama’s Diwali message thanking the Indian community for their contribution to the nation and to move forward together as “a people of one nation with one destiny” is commendable.

Shakespeare said “Uneasy lies the head that wears a Crown”. May you be blessed with continued good Health, Wealth and Wisdom so that you steer our Nation in the right direction and newer heights.


Anonymous said...

Oh, so now there's a conspiracy in these columns by pro Frank forces trying to seize the agenda and cover up his crimes.

Puh-lease! Believe me, it's just a question in my mind of sticking to the facts.

If Frank did kill someone, tell us who, when and where? Then I'll be prepared to concede the point. And so will most people I know.

Anonymous said...

Thanking Indians for their contribution to the community is acceptable. But to do it on the pagan religious day changes that. Like thanking Satan for being the devil he is and the woes that he has wrought upon man-kind. We are one nation, yes, but we are certainly not one people and certainly not of one destiny. ABSOLUTELY NOT. You are destined to either heaven or hell.

mark manning said...

While Military Commander of the Republic of the Islands of Fiji during the murders of the 5 C.R.W. Soldiers in 2000, Frank Bainimarama had an obligation to investigate and bring to Justice those who were responsible for those murders.
He did not !
Six years later, he still hadn't investigated those murders nor brought anyone to Justice.
Their blood, lays fairly and squarely on his hands, because as Commander of the R.F.M. he was duty bound to act, but chose not to.
The question remains, why not ?
I've been asked to butt out so the Pro Democracy Movement can take a stand.
But my point here is, that if Frank Bainimarama is a man of honour, why didn't he, in his capacity as Commander, investigate the allegations and answer Andrew Hughes questions ?
It's appears that Frank was either a party to, directly involved in, ordered or had knowledge of the murders of these men !

REST IN PEACE :- murdered by fellow Soldiers,
Selesitano Kalounivale
Jone Davui
Epineri Bainimoli
Lagani Rokowaqa
Iowane Waseroma

liga said...

Oh so Frank didn't actually murder anyone, he just failed to investigate other men's murders?! So the accusation has changed! Give me a break! If you condemn Frank, then you should also condemn Hughes for failing to investigate these crimes, and Qarase for releasing and re employing others with blood on their hands from 2000.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break indeed!

This was a mutiny in which rebel soldiers killed their fellow troops and tried to kill the commander. He had no idea at the time about the scale of the uprising and should, in fact, be commended for a high degree of personal restraint. I don't know about you but I would have been tempted under such pressure to execute the lot.

The fact that only some of the rebels were beaten to death by loyalist troops ought to be regarded as a miracle in itself. As for Frank, witnesses have said he personally intervened to prevent his subordinates from summarily executing rebel leader Captain Shane Stevens.

Get over it Mark Manning and other conspiracy theorists. These guys came in to kill and some of them received rough justice for their treachery. Big deal. The buturaki has always been a part of Fijian culture. And as provocations go, this was as extreme as it gets.

All this is just a diversion from the real issue here. How do we get everyone in Fiji working together to bridge the racial divide and return the country to democratic rule? That's the more important task and the Mark Mannings of the world should abandon their obsessions and get with the program or get out of the way.

Anonymous said...

No point repeating any of this so read it yourself here ...


The first excerpt was actually lifted from Time Magazine online, the rest from the Fiji Sun and Magistrates Court documents. So there is little doubt as to the veracity of the claims.

The only difference now is that some of the men are now claiming that he was taken BACK to Frank again (from the CPS), and HE was the one who delivered the killer blow.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SNS - yes, we can always hope for a better future...

But how much hope does the wife of a serial philanderer hold out when he tells her he's finished with all his affairs?

One the one hand, she has the promise he has just given her. And on the other, she has all the other broken promises he has given her in the past.

So you can see that what is most significant in this is not the words a person speaks, but rather the character of the one speaking them.

The best guide to a person's character of course, is their current behaviour.

So are Frank's current words sincere? Perhaps.

But do they line up with his current equivocating behaviour regarding the PER, or a free press, or free speech, or free association? Or an independent civil service? Or independent Courts? Or independent Statutory Institutions?

On the face of that, I think there is still plenty of room to still doubt his intentions in this.

We are of course, commanded by God to forgive Frank for his sins against us and others. But there is no such command that obliges us to trust him when it is apparent that neither his behaviour nor his character have changed in any significant way.

There is always hope though...

So you have a Happy Diwali anyway!

Anonymous said...

Yes - the key issue here is not the superficial meaning of the words themselves, but rather what they actually herald.

Some people like hearing nice things, but will recoil immediately if they detect insincerity, or think they are otherwise being manipulated.

Frank's litany of excuse-changes over the years reads like a Josef Goebbels "Propaganda for Dummies" a-list.

His first set of excuses for destabilizing the Government back in 2004 was "national security" concerns. He never explained what those concerns were, or how the Government of the Day was aggravating them. But that wasn't the point, because the real point was twofold - 1. To get the troops on side and in support, and 2. To purge any officers who would likely oppose his planned treason.

Then, just before the 2006 coup, his rationale suddenly changed to "Clean Up Campaign". With the troops now firmly on side, his next propaganda target audience became the people of Fiji. And "Clean Up" was calculated as the most widely appealing reason that could attract as much public support as possible.

However within months, he had changed his reasoning again to the "Electoral Reform" and "Removing Racism" catch-cries. This was occasioned for two reasons: 1. The Regime's failure to come up with any evidence of entrenched corruption within the former Government that required extra-Constitutional "Cleaning Up"; and 2. The fact that ethnic Fijians largely rejected his coup in droves, while ethnic Indians were generally more well-disposed to it.

So "Removing Racism" was hatched to shore up his Indo-Fijian support in the face of fast-evaporating Fijian support. Meanwhile, "Electoral Reform" was crafted to pitch at the International Community for canvassing their support.

Of course, we know that those rationales have since been supplanted by the Regime's more wide-ranging "Roadmap" Reform Program that it had to revert to when the the leaders of the two main political parties generally accepted the need for electoral reform. This, plus widespread popular indifference to their "Charter", plus international impatience for elections, meant that Frank had to come up with some other opaque excuse to justify his 2014 election "Roadmap".

(The real reasons for that unaccountably long timetable of course, were to renew his Commander's contract again in 2013 when it next falls due, and to outlast Fiji's "Statute of Limitations" on documentary evidence of the 2006 coup).

So I can certainly read plenty between the lines in that relating to self-interest and self preservation. But I can't see too much in it the speaks of genuine concern for the Indo-Fijian community - or any other community apart from his cronies and henchmen for that matter.

mark manning said...

Fair enough, I don't know the truth, and many don't.
And yes, I agree, there was a long delay in bringing people responsible for all the atrocities to Justice and personally, I don't believe that Mr. Qarase should have had the Amnesty bill nor included people involved in any previous coup.
I want to point out though, that I have said this many times on many blog sites and in the Fiji Times online, before I was barred from that site.
So, your assertion is, that because Soldiers were murdered at the camp by the C.R.W. Soldiers, then it was okay for the Commander of the Military, Frank Bainimarama, to in turn either murder, order the murders of or ignore the murders of those responsible !
I can fully understand the very highly charged situation.
Fijians killing Fijians, Fijian Soldiers murdering fellow Fijian Soldiers, while they slept, sat behind a desk etc.
Yet one of those C.R.W. Soldiers murdered in retaliation, was innocent, and not even at the camp during those atrocities for which he himself was killed !
If the Commander defends his actions given the circumstances at the time, then why not say so in a court of law ?
It's that simple and I'm sure at the time, everyone in fiji would have sympathised with him at the time, especially knowing that he himself was a target of this same group of men.
The bottom line is, for Fiji to move forward, someone has to be brave enough to face the music.
It wouldn't be an easy decision, but it would be a profound act of bravery were Frank Bainimarama to return the troops to the Barracks, reinstate the Government, the G.C.C. and the Judiciary and allow Justice to take it's course.
He would even have my support were he to take that road.
Fiji has a lot of open wounds, and unless common sense prevails, it is headed for a calamity far worse than has ever been seen before !
It's not rocket science, something substantial has to be done, it just needs a courageous person to come out and take the medicine that your society dishes out.
But for it to last and have any credence, it must be done under the Rule of Law and under the Constitution of the Republic of the Islands of Fiji.
The present situation in Fiji is far greater than anything that has transpired in the past and to sit and do nothing, would be a huge mistake.

Tony Liu said...

Fiji expels New Zealand, Australian envoys

Fiji's military leader Frank Bainimarama has ordered the Australian and New Zealand envoys to leave within 24 hours over alleged interference with Fiji's judiciary.

''I have told the minister of foreign affairs to issue communications to the Australian and New Zealand governments that their respective heads of missions are to be recalled within 24 hours,'' Bainimarama said in a televised address.

''I have also informed them our high commissioner in Australia is to be recalled with immediate effect,'' he said.

Australia and New Zealand have been at the forefront of condemnation of Bainimarama since he toppled Fiji's elected government in a December 2006 coup.

Bainimarama accused both countries of ''a consolidated effort to attack Fiji's independent judiciary'' over alleged attempts to block Fiji judges traveling through Australia and New Zealand.

Both countries have travel restrictions on figures associated with the military regime.

Bainimarama said the heads of Australia and New Zealand's diplomatic missions in Fiji had refused to engage with the government.

''They misinform Canberra and Wellington and wage a negative campaign against the government and people of Fiji,'' he said.

''It is my government's duty to ensure that no foreign government should interfere with such judicial independence and integrity. We must always protect and be proud our sovereignty.''


Anonymous said...

Fiji's ethnic Indian population is rapidly collapsing as people flee the coup plagued nation.

Data from last year's census, released today by Government Statistician Timoci Bainimarama - brother of Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama - shows Indians now make up only 37.5 percent of the 837,000 people.

In 1966 Indians made up 51 percent of the population.

Other bureau data reveals that last year over 5000 people emigrated from Fiji, over 80 percent of them Indian.

Commodore Bainimarama staged a military coup in 2006, overthrowing an indigenous dominated democratic government and was justified by the commodore on the grounds of ending race based politics in Fiji.

However his brother's data suggests that the Indians, who predominantly supported his coup, are still leaving.