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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Barack Obama's message to Fiji

United States President Barack Obama has sent a message to the people of Fiji on it's Independence Day.

Addressed to the people of Fiji, Obama congratulates Fiji saying "the US will continue to stand with the people of Fiji in their pursuit of a brighter future".

The message as it appears on the US Embassy website in Fiji is below:

To the People of Fiji:

On behalf of the American People, I congratulate the people of the Republic of the Fiji Islands on the thirty-ninth anniversary of Fiji's independence on October 10.

We enjoy a friendship founded on the mutual commitments of our societies to peace, freedom, the rule of law, and democratic ideals. It is through our shared commitment to these ideals that the friendhship between our countries has developed so strongly over the years.

As Fiji celebrates its Independence Day, the United States continues to stand with the people of Fiji in their pursuit of a brighter future.



joape said...

Well said Mr President. A friendly,non-judgmental and principled declaration which lays a foundation for dialogue and understanding. Can your people here in Fiji follow through? Let's see.

Anonymous said...

He deserved the Peace prize. Why? Because he put out a hand in friendship to the Muslims without compromising on his condemnation of terrorism. From the heights of his position, it was a true expression of leadership. Why can't our Fiji leaders learn from him?

Anonymous said...

One positive is the US does have a strict travel & weapons embargo in place.

senijiale said...

Like most people, I admire Barack Obama for his many personal achievements but would not go so far as to congratulate him for winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

That was absolutely premature, at least in my view, unless someone can remind me of some significant achievement that might put Barack Obama at par with Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa.

As someone aptly quipped, "I thought the only thing you won for making empty speeches about 'world peace' is Miss World!"

Anonymous said...

@ senijiale

This was a mean-spirited and hardly insightful view of the Nobel Peace Award to President Barack Obama. He has already begun necessary change in the climate and position towards dialogue and engagement even in Burma. So why not in Fiji? Or places like Fiji which have experienced continual instability, terror and hostage-taking and five coups d'etat in twenty years? Surely, we the people of Fiji deserve his understanding and that of all the American people? Carping comment will never get us anywhere along the road to peace. This Fiji Day message and this Nobel Peace Award are indeed "A Call to Action", as the President himself remarked. Take it at face value in good faith. 'Who dares - wins'.

Anonymous said...

Change can only occur in Fiji if the leaders who are the spokesmen of the people are willing to change. In any way the grassroot level people will never have their say whilst this intimidating so called illegal military regime and its illegal, corrupt leaders are in power. Interesting to note that Obama's speech spelt out the very things that are not occurring in Fiji. Read between the lines and you'll get what he is saying. Thank you Obama for seeing what a few cannot see even though you (Obama)don't live in fiji you know what's happening here. yet those who see the injustices in Fiji are blinded by their greedy,self-righteousness and egotistical nature.

Anonymous said...

If Frank really thinks that Obama wrote this personally he must be an even bigger fool then he already is.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon.
How bigs big?

Suggest leave making a fool of himself to VB - specialist with a lifetime of experience.