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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chaudhry blames media gag for Diwali message not getting through

The Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, is blaming a gag on the media by the interim government for being unable to convey a Diwali message to Indians in Fiji.

In a statement posted on the Labour Party website, Chaudhry says he was unable to deliver a Diwali message last year as well because "of a hostile and biased print media".

In his Diwali message Chaudhry warns of difficult times ahead with little sign of economic recovery.

"The key sectors of our economy continue to under perform. Further job losses are imminent as businesses initiate cost cutting measures to maintain their bottom lines."

He says it will be years before investor confidence picks up because of Fiji’s reputation as a “coup-centric nation”.

"Against such a backdrop, commonsense dictates that some 80% of our people, men and women with ordinary means, will need to observe strict austerity in their daily lives in order to survive."

"Tragically, more than half of this 80% are those who live in poverty-theirs is even a more daunting challenge. But let not the misfortunes of today, prevent us from hoping for a better future," he said.


Anonymous said...

What a hypocrite - a thieving multi millionare lecturing others about austerity - unlike VB - this manifestation is a straight out serpent.

mark manning said...

Birds of a feather !
Frank and Chaudhry, equally guilty of High Treason against the Republic of the Islands of Fiji.
Like two peas in a pod, it's very difficult to tell them apart really !

Anonymous said...

The "hostile and biased print media" obviously decided to electronically spike Mahen's Diwali message for a good reason; no news value and the same tired old bleat.

Take a tip Mehan: save your breath and take a good look at why you've been marginalised in Fiji.

Too many bed fellows over the years have made you a political whore. And with all your millions banging on about poverty, an appalling bore.